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The Internet is a digital dystopia filled with rehashed jokes, vicious subtweets and dank ass memes. It's an online wasteland filled with predatory beasts and barren landscapes. There are no laws. There are no gods. There is only Klout. There is only influence .

Black Friday Nike Air Jordan 12, A daily battle rages amongst the social media tastemakers to see who can reach the top of Klout Mountain first and plant their brand's flag the fastest. Who will be the quickest to turn this momentary blip of pop culture into consumable content to satisfy the thirst of their loyal following? Who will be timely enough to further establish themselves as important online by continuously crafting nuggets of word vomit in hopes it will turn into tangible rewards? There can only be one.

Along the way, you begin to lose a part of yourself. As more and more time passes, your voice begins to fade and you begin to use commonly established vernacular to fit in with your peers. You're no longer an individual. You've become a cog in the zeitgeist. You yearn for validation from strangers you may never meet. I've never said 'lit' in real life. Why am I saying it online? you ask yourself.

Black Friday Nike Air Jordan 12 You begin to have a breakdown. Who am I? Is this me or is this all a character? you splutter between sobs. You no longer know if you're Health Goth or Sport Goth or Fitness Goth or Only Wears Gym Clothes To Give Off A Perception Of Being Fit And Active When Really You're Just A Lazy Piece oOf Shit Goth. Fear not, my sweet child, the most problematic writer on Four Pins is here to help you. I've put together a handy list of the different types of goths you can be to help you through your freshly minted identity crisis. One day, everyone online will know their goth.

2016 Nike Flight Squad Retro Inspired Perforated Leather Black Red Mens Shoes 725152-001 Alex Hancock is a writer living in the future so the present is his past, but really he's in Indianapolis. Follow his problematic Twitter here .