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Black Friday Nike Air Jordan 13

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2016 Nike Flight Squad Retro Inspired Perforated Leather White/White-Silver Mens Shoes 724986-101 In its continual quest to become the only menswear brand you'll ever need, Our Legacy announced that its dropping its first ever collection of sunglasses. I think we can all agree that sunglasses are pretty chill overall. My only problem is that I always lose or break them. They're so vital for the summer though, you can't go without them. What are you going to do instead? Squint? You gotta make sure your rods and cones don't get played out while you're out frolicking on the beach looking at beautiful babes. And, like, you can't do that without sunglasses or else they'll catch you perving. Come on, fam. That's why you need sunglasses. Or, if you're still buried beneath the frozen tundra, you don't want to catch a sunbeam of photons straight into your retinas. How embarrassing would it be if you died and wanted to donate your eyes to science, but the doctors were all like, Nah, this dude's shit is just too fucked up. He should have just worn some tight shades smfh, while your soul watches it happen as you ascend/descend into the afterlife? These launch on Thursday directly from Our Legacy and come in three models with a variety of different patterns that all ad up to 15 different styles to choose from.

Black Friday Nike Air Jordan 13,