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If there's one thing that basically no one in the menswear community can really agree on, it's how to take care of our fucking jeans. Do we wash them? How often? If they get stinky, can't we just throw them in the freezer? No, you can't . Is that dirt or the denim weave showing through all your sick fades? Probably dirt. How about an ocean soak? LMAO you can't afford a vacation because you spent all your money on jeans. Listen, everyone has their own way of doing things. But, thankfully, here's Michael Williams aka A Continuous Lean aka The Blogfather, to the rescue on behalf of Mr. Porter to provide the foundation for your denim care knowledge.

Black Friday Nike Air Jordan, Nike Roshe Run After Levi's showed us how to distress denim with fucking lasers and recommended we wash them as little as possible, does Michael's advice line up? Yeah, it seems like it does. So, wear your jeans as long as possible and, when they smell like death, wash them in a basic detergent-water solution, inside-out and hang dry. Pretty simple. Just don't wring them jeans out because then you'll fuck everything up. Have you learned NOTHING?