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Just because you're a cog in soulless machine, trapped behind the monotonous beige walls of your cubicle, with only shitty motivational posters and one-a-day cartoon calendars to give you solace doesn't mean that you have to look bad. Of course, it isn't easy to look your best in cubicle-wear. Every industry has different standards that they expect workers to adhere to, and though they vary widely, from marketing firm business casual to insurance salesman suit-you-wear-to-a-funeral chic, these standards have a way of cramping your style.

Black Friday Nike Air Jordan 9, 2016 Nike Flight Squad Retro Inspired Perforated Leather Whether you work in a stuffy shirt-and-tie environment or a cool job where sandals-and-smugness suffice, there are some key style sins that every man should avoid when figuring out how to dress for workplace success. They say Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. We can't necessarily help you there, but we can at least help you avoid workplace embarrassment with your threads, and limit your shame to where it usually comes from: your performance. Here are Cardinal Office Style Sins Every Guy Should Avoid .