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It seems that now more than ever, influential people within fashion are popping off with some variation of fashion is dead. Marc Jacobs aired some grievances with British  Vogue last week and now Li Edelkoort—a fashion consultant, trend forecaster and one of  Time 's most influential people in fashion—has shared her thoughts with London-based magazine Dezeen , coming to the conclusion that the future of fashion is pretty bleak . Edelkoort may not be a name you necessarily recognize, but she's been a part of the fashion ecosystem for a long time, working with some big name brands and has been recognized as an important voice in fashion, so, like, I guess we have no choice but to listen.

Black Friday Nike Air Jordan Climbing, In the interview, following a conference in Cape Town, Edelkoort points a dismissive finger at fashion's insular nature, its education system, its failure to address labor concerns and the dubious, monetarily-driven connections between publications, bloggers and companies. In essence, marketing and advertising has killed fashion because young brands never pay for advertising and thus, never get any coverage. It seems that Edelkoort is too busy wildin' the fuck out in interviews to have read Four Pins once, which is unfortunate as we tend to give shine to the little guys quite often. Edelkoort eventually settles on calling fashion a parody of itself and predicts a big couture comeback to inspire designers once again.

2016 Fragment Design x NikeCourt Air Trainer 1 Mid Okay, so, yes, Edelkoort's statements are bold as shit and maybe a bit (read: a ton) general, but she's not entirely wrong about the issues at hand. I mean, they're well-documented. However, this really seems like a silly discussion perpetrated by those who can't seem to get on board with the times. Saying Fashion with a capital F is dead is your boilerplate, knee-jerk reaction from the old guard trying to make sense of the industry's evolution, which, admittedly, has gone into hyperdrive these past few years. Listen, as time goes on, things change. That's how it works. End of story. Just look at the world of Tech for, like, I don't know, 5 seconds, if you need an example. In cases like this, those on the fence about change should probably take the wait and see approach instead of proclaiming something as vast and, well, eternal as Fashion straight up dead.

Black Friday Nike Air Jordan Climbing