Bio Bio Expeditions history is grounded in our strong South American roots and our deep love for the wild rivers and formidable mountains of Chile. The Bio Bio River helped launch our company and out of deep respect for this iconic river and the indigenous people living on its banks, we found the name for our adventure travel company.
Unfortunately, the Bio Bio River was eventually dammed, so we traveled further south, into Patagonia. We found ourselves on the Futaleufu River in Chile and chose a most stunning and serene location as the setting for one of the preeminent river side base camps on the planet! The camp continually sets the standard for multi-sport adventures, cuisine, guides and staff, in addition to being a sanctuary to recharge and revitalize yourself.
We are proud of our standing in the local community and the knowledge of the area we have gained over the years. We are proud that our international staff of professional rafting and kayaking guides return year after year to work with us. We are proud that our guests like to return year after year as well, to paddle the crystalline waters, gallop through the meadows, soak in the hot tub, laugh by the fire, eat incredible meals, and make life-long friends and memories.


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Adventure Vacations Around the World

Bio Bio Expeditions offers journeys around the world specializing in our hand-picked, favorite locales around the earth. In each of these destinations we have made local friends and contacts. This mutual respect is important to all those who consider themselves to be part of the Bio Bio family and is the result of years of working with the locals and giving back to their communities.

Working with these partners, we are able to provide you with carefully chosen lodging, activities to pique all interests and cuisine to delight even the most discerning foodie. We pride ourselves on our friendly, experienced guides, local knowledge and attention to detail that we put into each trip.

We welcome you to join us on an adventure around the world and into the Bio Bio family.


Wilderness Medicine

Wilderness and Travel Medicine has teamed up with Bio Bio Expeditions, and specializes in the highest quality expedition, travel, and wilderness medicine CME conferences for medical professionals. These exciting new courses are designed to offer a high-quality wilderness medicine educational experience in the context of an outdoor adventure.

Our Wilderness Medicine conferences have earned a reputation of excellence for over 25 years largely on the strength of our world-class faculty. Another unique strength is the emphasis on more practical topics and workshops. We are also the largest provider of CME conferences in adventure travel locations worldwide.

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