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Back in January, A.P.C's  Jean  Touitou ​ got himself into trouble when he decided to call a portion of his Fall/Winter 2015 collection Last Ni##@$ IN PARIS, which he explained was a reference to influences from hip hop and the film  Last Tango in Paris.  Following the backlash and Touitou's controversial remarks, Timberland , who A.P.C. collaborated with on a pair of incredible six-inch boots, immediately cut ties with the French label .

Black Friday Nike Air Max Lunar SP Moon Landing, Now, as a response to the creative director's use of the racial slur, street artist KIDULT   visited the A.P.C. store in Paris and spray painted the word Niggas across the windows and gate on one side, and on the other he stenciled the definition of the root word niger.

On Instagram , the artist posted another photo of a stencil that we assume was painted nearby that reads Colored Entrance Only, using the hashtags #whiteprivilege, #fashionweak,  #openyourmind,  and  #youaretheslave.

2016 Nike Free Socfly SD 3.0 Mens Running Shoes White On Cheap Sale Black Friday Nike Air Max Lunar SP Moon Landing KIDULT has a long history of tagging the walls of fashion retailers, including Hermés, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Supreme, and Chanel, but this may be the first time that it has been in response to racism and not consumerism. It is unclear when the A.P.C store was hit or whether or not the graffiti has been removed from the exterior.