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Black Friday Nike Air Yeezy

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Nike Shoes Cheap Sale I remember seeing this Gant Rugger collection at fashion week last fall. Holy shit, it was so fucking hot that day. I mean, last summer was pretty inferno-like as a whole, but that day stands out from the rest because we were schlepping around New York trying to look at fashionz and the sun was all like, LMAO, fuck that, fam. And because NYFW is a bitch, the show was nowhere near the subway, so we had to walk outside for multiple avenues on a 95 degree day. Fortunately, because Gant Rugger knows the protocol, there were copious amounts of refreshing, alcoholic drinks on the premises, which was a pretty cool hotel terrace, and the gawdess Jamie Chung randomly just chilling in the corner. So, while the models all sweated their literal balls of, the rest of us chilled underneath the shaded areas, drinks in hand, remarking about how bad we felt for the professionally handsome. It was a pretty rough day, man. Oh, right, the clothes were pretty good too—v casual and light for the dog days. Though, if you ever wear a sweater—even the lightest, most sheer sweater in existence—on a day as hot as that one, I have no sympathy for you.

Black Friday Nike Air Yeezy,