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Black Friday Nike Blazer

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Nike Waffle I'm very into linen right now. Not, like, the way rich dads get into linen when they finally get accepted into a Caribbean gated community. But, like, in the way this work jacket by Robert Geller is made from linen and is fully lined with Cupro and cotton. Linen is one of the oldest textiles known to man. Did you know you have to soak the flax in water for several days before the plants can be processed into linen fiber? Yeah, it's fucking gnarly. Who do you think the first person to figure all this out was? How did they know to be like, Hey guys, let's just soak the flax in water, then break it up and spin the individual threads into yarn from which we can make clothing and paper and mummy shrouds and really whatever you want and we'll call it 'linen' and eventually people will make jackets out of it and in the future you will be able to purchase linen garments via an elaborate network of data, cables and a solid transportation infrastructure. LMAO I'm fucking tripping balls right now btw.

Black Friday Nike Blazer,