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Black Friday Nike Cortez

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Over the weekend in Edinburgh, Scotland, a man was viciously attacked from behind by a gang of between six and twelve men in their late 20s wearing tweed jackets or suits according to BBC . Not to belittle the injuries suffered by the victim—facial injuries and a fractured arm—but what the fuck? A group of men marauding through the streets of Edinburgh, Candlemaker Row to be specific? For real though? CANDLEMAKER ROW? Is that not the most British thing you've ever heard in your entire fucking life? Scotland is technically British, right? Whatever. Either way, these tweed-wearing maniacs must be stopped.

Black Friday Nike Cortez, I mean, unfortunately, you can't make this stuff up. So here's to a fast recovery to our fallen homie. But good god, this is secretly the funniest thing I have read all day. Can you imagine a bunch of riled up #menswear 1.0 purists running through the streets, chugging scotch while discussing the merits of different types of Donegal and getting so fucked up and rowdy that they just beat the shit out of the first hypebeast they meet? Talk about a fashion hate crime.

Nike Zoom Fit Agility If you do happen to be one of our loyal readers in Scotland and a straight up snitch , police are still looking for witnesses to help catch the notorious tweed jacket gang.

Black Friday Nike Cortez