Letter from the Owners

Black Friday Nike Flex Experience RN

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2016 Nike Air Jordan Son Of Mars This Norse Projects sweatshirt looks exactly like the type of sweatshirt your dad would wear to, like, a weekend BBQ. I mean, not necessarily a BBQ that he wants to attend, but more like an obligatory party for his boss' shitty kids or something. It's at events like these that you hear your dad's work laugh. You ever hear your dad laugh at a joke he has to laugh at if he wants to keep business contacts? That shit is wild foreign. The work laugh is easily the craziest of all laugh genres. The first time I heard my dad's work laugh I was like, Yo, did my dad just have a stroke or something? Why is he laughing all forced and weird? On the way home I was like, Dad, why were you laughing so weirdly at the party? And he was like, Sometimes you gotta make yourself laugh in front of your boss. You'll understand later. My mom turned around in her seat and said, Yeah, isn't your dad's work laugh so unbelievable? Catch me at NYFW with this joint on and hear my work laugh.

Black Friday Nike Flex Experience RN,