Letter from the Owners

Black Friday Nike Free Viritous

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2016 Air Jordan 4 IV Retro Is there anything worse than finding a solid brand and not even having the option to buy anything from it? I'm not even talking about the fire shit you catch vapors off of like some random ass Tumblr photo you can't find the source of because the Internet has apparently made everyone allergic to showing their sources. Nah, I mean, like, some foreign brand with solid pieces that make you go, I should probably have this in my wardrobe. Salvy is pretty much that brand right now. We've written about Salvy a while back , but have since fallen off because our attention to detail is occasionally lackluster. Fuck it, here's F/W 15. Salvy is Japanese, but I get a very English, Garbstore-y vibe from it: plain pieces in drab colors without too much fuss about them, each with a little detail that really sets it off. Whether it's the altered shape of a chest pocket, a single button blazer with blunt edges at the hem, a tiny, double breasted-ish button stance on a topcoat or a mismatched check pattern on a popover, there's a little quirk on almost every item meant to push you over the edge. Unfortunately, if you're not located in Japan, it looks like it's going to be a tad difficult to get your hands on any of this stuff. Peep the stockists  and pray to your proxy that it will eventually make it to the States.

Black Friday Nike Free Viritous,