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Street style has experienced a bit of a downturn recently, but there's still a whole lot to be made of it, especially on the women's side of things. The impossibly tall, skinny and attractive women wearing extremely rare and colorful pieces is more than just fodder for the cameras outside of the shows during fashion week. For many it's a huge part of their income. Style Dot Com talked with some notable street style subjects and photographers to find out some of the dirtier secrets the public might not know. Keep in mind, most of this doesn't necessarily apply to menswear.

Black Friday Nike Kobe 10 High, Right out the gate, most street style stars get their gear for free, borrowing from designers and brands before giving everything back after they're photographed. And not only do they get to borrow clothes, but they also get paid to wear them thanks to the publicity street style brings both the wearer and what they are wearing, much like actual celebrities on the red carpet.

The term street style is also misleading as it infers some moment of serendipity. Also not true. Some subjects have been known to text certain photographers when they're approaching to give them a head's up, guaranteeing the money shot. Side note: Anybody reading this have Tommy Ton's digits? Hit me up in the comments. Of course, once in range, some street style stars may also fake a phone call to stay on the street a few moments longer, which you can clearly see Jon Moy doing right here .

Cheap Nike KD VIII 8 2015 All Blue Basketball Shoes Sale Black Friday Nike Kobe 10 High But this is just the tip of the iceberg, fam. Peep the rest of the list to have your dreams shattered and, more importantly, stay woke.