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With  Dior And I  set to release in a few weeks ,  Elle magazine got to talk with the man the film centers on , the man of the moment, the gawd among mere mortals, Raf Simons, for its March issue. The Raf bandwagon is nearing capacity, so if you're not already on board, you better try because the train is going to leave the station sometime very soon. The  Elle piece is a great look at Simon's island of calm in a sea of agitation, as writer Daphne Merkin puts it. Raf is a centered individual compared to the various loud, often ridiculous personalities throughout fashion. And who isn't interested in the movies he likes, his thoughts on the lack of mystique in fashion and his intense love of pockets? We especially feel you on that last one, homie.

Black Friday Nike Lebron 11, When Dior chose Raf as its new creative director, he made it clear that he was going to learn from the house's history and not remain confined within the minimalistic approach he took with his work at both Jil Sander and his eponymous mensear. His aim was to inject more emotion into fashion even though he recognizes that, today, fashion has reached a tipping point: Fashion is now pop, where it used to be a niche. It moves with such speed. And that aforementioned point about mystique: Sometimes it leads to a lack of depth. The mystique is gone. Now being a fashion designer is like becoming a lawyer.

But that doesn't mean he's overly serious either. The article makes sure to touch upon Raf Simon's interest in movies and what he has been watching recently. He liked Under The Skin and  Bridesmaids, but not  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes . He's also a professed fan of Susan Sarandon. Even the head of Dior, Sidney Toledano, has glowing things to say, noting that there are many talented designers, but Raf has a maturity and ability to work with others that many do not. Basically, he's not a diva. He's also brought a more familial atmosphere to Dior since his joining, which was steadily increased sales more than expected.

Cheap Nike KD VIII 8 2015 Red Black Basketball Shoes Sale Black Friday Nike Lebron 11 Whether this is all a part of a PR push on behalf of  Dior And I , who gives a shit? The more Raf in our lives, the better.