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Black Friday Nike Lunar 5.5

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Cheap Nike KD VIII 8 2015 Navy Blue Red Basketball Shoes Sale Blocking out the eyes changes everything. It adds such a layer of mystery. I think that is why famous people like to wear sunglasses indoors to be honest. It's like their souls will escape through their eyes or some shit. Just goes to show you how crazy a lot of famous people actually are. But as I am not famous and never will be, I can't say for sure. But the WTAPS S/S 15 collection feels very un-famous and utilitarian, like a lot of the brand's previous work. The poncho is pretty chill, as is the monochromatic drug rug fit, both of which look like they'd come complete with a complimentary individual side of patchouli oil to stay fresh when out doing shrooms at Red Rock, though WTAPS isn't true outdoor gear . Also, does it not look like the anorak has a prison ID number on it? That's kind of baller to be honest. Like, you're locked up, but not never getting out locked up. I fuck with a badass with a glass half full mentality.

Black Friday Nike Lunar 5.5,