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Abercrombie & Fitch is saying farewell ... to its $11 million corporate jet.

Black Friday Nike Roshe Fragment Design 3, Today, the once-mighty retailer announced it is selling its aircraft following many years of plummeting sales; however, there does seem to be a silver lining: The jet was one of the last remaining traces of Mike Jeffries ’ embarrassing reign.

Back in 2012, the former CEO faced criticism after it was revealed that the jet had its own 47-page rulebook that included bizarre requirements for the staff. Crew members were forced to wear a uniform comprised of boxer briefs, polo shirts, flip flops, and Abercrombie cologne. There was also some weird shit about no fingerprints anywhere on the plan, a specific method for folding toilet paper, and a rule that demanded homebound flights play Take Me Home by Phil Collins over the speakers.

Black Friday Nike Roshe Fragment Design 3 Yeah, it’s no wonder Jeffries stepped down .

This is a good move for the company, not only in terms of finances but for its overall image, which has been pretty unflattering for the past few years. Only time will tell if Abercrombie's latest efforts will pay off.

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