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Black Friday Nike Shox Turbo 12

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We've seen a lot of terrible tattoos lately, including the Left Shark from Katy Perry 's Super Bowl performance, another falsely declaring the Seattle Seahawks as Back to Back  Champions, the new Drake album , and the respective numbers of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen on a man's ankles. However, this guy's tattoo of The Dress  that  divided a nation this week is dumber  than all those combined.

Black Friday Nike Shox Turbo 12, Daniel Howland  was moved to get the tattoo because It was one internet thing that I really couldn't wrap my brain around, he told The DailyMail . ​   It was very frustrating. Because of this, I thought it would be fun to get the dress tattooed on my leg,  

The tattoo shows the dress in the blue and black, because, Howland explains, I  saw the dress as white and gold for a brief period when I was drinking. But then I looked at it again and it was definitely blue and black. The dress is surrounded by the words White and gold?  

Black Friday Nike Shox Turbo 12 The tattoo is undeniably stupid, a fact that not even Howland , who told Buzzfeed  the tattoo is dumb, will disagree with. The man responsible for the ink,  Nick York,  added, I think it is a stupid tattoo. That’s why it’s funny.

Someone please tell this man about the new cream that can painlessly remove tattoos —we have a feeling he's going to need it

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