Letter from the Owners

Black Friday Nike Womens

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Nike Blazer We are all about celebrating the legends here at Four Pins. And one of the most undercover legends of all time is Reginald Murray Williams aka R.M. Williams. According to his Wikipedia, he was an Australian bushman and entrepreneur who raised himself up from the underclass, known as a swagman or swaggie in Australia (I shit you not), to become a millionaire. His life story is fucking amazing, with his fortune coming from crafting leather products for horse-riding, the most famous being his riding boots. Demand for R.M. Williams product grew and his signature boots eventually became popular amongst people whose work had nothing to do with horses whatsoever. While Williams passed away in 2003, Mr. Porter just picked up his famed Chelsea boots this season. They don't look much different from many other Chelseas on the market, but they're known for their upper, which is constructed out of a single piece of leather, and a solitary stitch running down the back of the boot. Now that's some fucking craftsmanship if you ask me.

Black Friday Nike Womens,