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One of the reasons why I like reading Four Pins is that it shows me very expensive clothes that I myself cannot afford. This is a little thing I like to call aspirational branding. My actual wardrobe consists of rap T-shirts, clothes I've had since college and one pair of expensive selvedge denim jeans I bought on sale. I don't have the money to buy any of these three jackets , all of which cost in the neighborhood of $800 or this pair of $175 jorts . Clearly, all of us plebeians want expensive things, but don't have the money to buy them. Fortunately, Groupon exists.

Black Friday Nike X Fragment Design Sock Dart, Started in 2008 in Chicago, Groupon has been the most reliable place on the Internet to find great deals on such a diverse array of products as whale watching , botox and all-expenses-paid vacations to Costa Rica . Andrew Mason, one of the company's founders, was named Worst CEO of the Year in 2012 by CNBC. A year later, he was fired, releasing a statement saying , After four and a half intense and wonderful years as CEO of Groupon, I've decided that I'd like to spend more time with my family. Just kidding—I was fired today. A friend of mine worked under Mason and he told me the one time he actually encountered dude, he came into the Groupon elevator wearing pajamas. He also released an album about business that featured Bishop Lamont.

Clearly, Groupon is not a place with any coherent brand identity and, even more clearly, they are not above doing some zany shit. Though they're totally down to sell you a pound of elk antlers , an unlocked and possibly illegal iPhone 5c or an RC helicopter , they also sell men's clothing. I'm pretty sure you can figure out where this is going.

Black Friday Nike X Fragment Design Sock Dart In case you cannot, in fact, figure out where this is going, click those little arrows you see before you and you will find the most ridiculous men's clothing that I found on Groupon. Don't worry, most of these deals either don't actually expire or are perpetually re-listed, so you can pretty much buy this stuff whenever.

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