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You ever just get the feeling that jeans are too tight and constricting? Well, you are not alone.  The New York Times reports that the new generation is getting in on casual wear. Kids as young as second grade are shunning jeans in favor of their more comfortable counterpart, sweatpants. The problem used to be getting men to dress up for events and not wear jeans. Now the problem is getting them to wear jeans in the first place.

Black Friday Nike Zoom, Kids are flat out refusing to wear jeans now. Even on parenting blogs and forums parents are posting about issues with children hating jeans. It's a phenomenon. Of course, parents don't want their kids showing up to dinner in a nice restaurant in sweats or track pants, so they're trying to compromise with corduroys and the like. But jeans? FUCK JEANS. They're really tight, and I just don't like how they fit on me, said Jackson Schad, a seven-and-a-half-year-old second grader, who may or may not have stolen his parents' iPad to read Four Pins once.

Kids like Jackson everywhere are rebelling against the denim overlords. As a result, even kids clothing companies are adjusting, mocking up softer, more casual and athletic pants for kids to wear instead of jeans. I actually went through this exact phase when I was younger. I remember not wearing jeans, like, ever between second and 7th grade. I don't know whether it was because of the comfort or what. Children typically don't have a  real reason for anything. But I almost exclusively wore khakis for those few years. That is until I began to appreciate sick fades. Let's be real, this is probably just a trend that always happens with kids around this age more than, like, a general indictment of jeans themselves. That's just how it goes. They are children after all.

Black Friday Nike Zoom [Photo:  Yana Paskova for The New York Times ]

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