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2016 Air Jordan 4 IV Retro There are few people within fashion that we would just like to hear talk for hours on end more than Yohji Yamamoto. In short, he's the fucking man. On a more detailed note, his approach to design and life is relatively astounding. He's able to speak at length on the often completely vapid topic of inspiration better than most. So, to let him lull us into a sense of epiphany and self-reflection would be better than whatever Netflix show you're currently binging through right now, besides maybe, like, House of Cards . Over at Nowness  (who always seems to have the hookup on dope Yohji videos), Yohji talks about how he got into fashion by working for his mother's shop to help out her business, the orders of which were so garish that he decided to start his own line of mannish clothing for women, specifically independent women who could make their own choices and choose their own clothing. Seeing that he's been doing it his own way for about 40 years now, it seems that his chance encounter with fashion has ended up pretty fucking great for everyone involved. Many thanks to momma Yamamoto for that one.

Black Friday Nike Zvezdochka,