Damara Stone

Damara became a river guide after falling in love with rafting on the Bio Bio River in Chile in 1992. In her 20’s she guided every summer on many of the commercial rivers of California and has run the Zambezi in Africa, the Sun Kosi in Nepal, the Futaleufu and Bio Bio in Chile, the Katun in Siberia, and the Apurimac and Cotahuasi in Peru. She summited Kilimanjaro in 2000.

Damara wears many hats for the Bio Bio team, from office staff, to chef, to safety cataraft, to river guide or Yoga instructor, she can do it all. In addition to a degree in anthropology and Spanish.

Damara is a registered nurse and, when not rafting, you can find her working in a hospital in Truckee, California or volunteering at an orphanage in Guatemala. She is one of our main yoga teachers on the Futaleufu providing daily classes for all levels and private classes on request. She has been doing yoga since childhood and completed her teacher’s course with Erich Schiffman in 2002. She was featured in Her Sports Magazine in the article “Women who Rule the Water” in July, 2005.

Damara is a Class 3 kayaker, mountain biker, skier, classical pianist and artist. She inherited her love for Latin America from her parents who decided that she should be born in Guadalajara, Mexico. Although she loves every destination we offer, Chile holds a special place in her heart where she and husband Marc have their “home away from home” in the beautiful Futaleufu Valley. She welcomed her son Quinn Walker into the world in January of 2006, daughter Lilian Paz in 2008 – both of whom have already spent many summers on the Fu!

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