Meet our Guides

Meet our Guides



We have assembled a team of professional whitewater and trekking guides who we believe are true international “superstars” in the world of adventure travel. Hailing from Peru, Argentina, Costa Rica, South Africa, the US and New Zealand, these men and women have extensive experience with river safety protocols, river rescue, mountain awareness, high altitude safety, CPR and first aid.

From camp hygiene to boat repair and transportation logistics, they’ve got you covered from the moment you are picked up at the airport to your trip home. Many have extensive knowledge of the local areas they where they guide and are always happy to share their wildlife, geologic, cultural and environmental insights with you. Our guides are true Renaissance men and women that combine a variety of in-camp talents with many years in the field. They guide because they love to share the pleasures of discovery, exploration, and adventure.

All of our team members at Bio Bio, including our wonderful office staff back in Truckee, are incredibly skilled, appropriately diplomatic, calm under pressure, confident yet humble, charming and entertaining, and totally committed to combining their passion with their profession.