Month: October 2006

Report from the Zambezi trip September 2006

Laurence and i were sitting above rapid number 5 on the Zambezi just
last week and realized its been 17 years since we first guided on the
Zambezi and here we are again dropping into the best rapids in the
world. We thanked the Zambezi river god Nyami Nyami for all the safe
passages,we peeled out of the eddy, and dropped into number 5 with huge
smiles! We co-trip lead our September 16th Zambezi trip and lead 22
people down the mighty Zambezi. The trip went off without a hitch and
everyone had a great time.

I realize there has been alot of bad news
coming out of Zimbabwe but the country is still safe as ever, the people
are some of the friendliest and most helpful in the world and this is
still a great time to visit Zimbabwe. Tourism has dropped off because of
all the bad economic news, but there is no resistance movement in
Zimbabwe and the locals are depending more than ever on the tourist
dollar.In fact this is even a better time to go because it is less
crowded and you get more personal service. We have considered moving our
base to Zambia on the other side of the river but for now everything is
still a go in Zimbabwe! In many ways it is like returning home for us
because we have made so many good friends and contacts in Zimbabwe.

Bio Expeditions along with the help of a few clients brought over a
handful of kayaks and all the necessary gear and started a free kayak
school for any local that wants to learn to kayak. This will provide a
fresh stream of new talented kayakers able to work and provide safety
for future rafting expeditions.

Our trips are planned for
September 2007 and we hope that if you have ever dreamed of rafting and
going on safari in Africa you will join us in 2007!

Warmest regards,
Marc Goddard