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3 Bio Bio Expeditions Guided Rafting Adventures You MUST Add to Your Vacation Bucket-List

Get dreaming! Check out these three bucket-list Bio Bio Expeditions guided rafting adventures to add to your vacation plans.

The thrill of running whitewater, trekking in the footsteps of ancient peoples, and sharing adventures with new friends – Bio Bio Expeditions offers an incredible selection of guided rafting adventures that everyone should add to their bucket-lists.

Our Futaleufu, Peru, and Zambezi rafting expeditions offer a view of the world by raft, foot, mountain bike, or on horseback with the most expert and experienced guides in the world. Our guides are handpicked, highly trained in wilderness skills, and exceptionally experienced river runners, entertainers, chefs and many are local area experts. Most importantly, they are friendly, open, and compassionate individuals who simply love sharing their passion for travel and adventure with you.

Immerse yourself in each destination’s unique history, culture, and ecology as you enjoy hot tea or coffee delivered to your luxurious tent door every morning.

Join us, ready to expect the unexpected – a condor soaring over the Apurimac River near Machu Picchu in Peru, the strum of your guide’s guitar as he directs your attention to the Southern Cross in the night sky, a rainbow over Africa’s Victoria Falls, or a lesson in salsa dancing. Bio Bio Expeditions guided river adventures guarantee a journey that will take you well beyond your expectations.

1. Elegance and adventure on the Futaleufu River

Why Bio Bio Excursion for Futaleufu River Rafting

Bio Bio and Patagonia welcomes you! With almost two decades of experience running adventure travel in Chile and Argentina, from whitewater to fishing to kayaking, we can tailor the ultimate Futaleufu River adventure for you.

Experience an authentic and breathtaking Futaleufu River rafting adventure where you will take in all the beauty, culture, and magic that is world-renowned Patagonia. Explore Torres Del Paine National Park in Patagonia or hike Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina or join us for flyfishing in Chile.

A Bio Bio Expeditions Patagonia vacation is sure to surpass your wildest expectations! From the exhilaration of rafting on the Futaleufú and Rio Azul to horseback riding in Chile up pristine glacier-fed river valleys to daily yoga classes to a relaxing massage, and so much more, there is no better way to satisfy your desire to explore, get active, and chill out and relax all on the same trip.

No matter your age or level of experience, the Bio Bio daily schedule is flexible and allows you to make the most of your vacation, defined by you, for you. Whatever fun you want to have, our team at Bio Bio Expeditions on the Futaleufu go above and beyond to ensure you enjoy your adventure to the fullest. BONUS: our unique and luxurious Adventure Safari-style camp on the scenic banks of the azure waters of the Futaleufu River is sure to be your favourite home away from home!

River-running, luxury, and fun unparalleled! CHOOSE THE FUTALEUFU RIVER for the adventure vacation of a lifetime!

2. Rafting and hiking in Peru

Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu – Trek the Inca Trail, Explore Cusco and Mountain Bike the Sacred Valley

Bio Bio Expeditions enjoys a long and exciting history in Peru where we provide the best in Peru adventure vacations – Machu Picchu: trekking the Inca Trail, or the lesser-known Ancascocha or Salcantay trails, rafting on the Cotahuasi River, and rafting on the Cotahuasi River.

We have been running rivers and trekking in Peru for over 20 years. We immediately fell in love with the abundance of natural, cultural, and historical marvels. Through close, warm, and vital relationships we have formed with our fun-loving and hard-working Peruvian “compadres” we are able to offer guided Peru adventure travel that is unique, authentic, memorable. It’s what sets us apart from other adventure travel companies.

Our unique brand of Peru adventure travel trips has received many accolades – featured in National Geographic Adventure Magazine, Archaeology and National Geographic Traveler. In 2000, we ran the first commercial descent of the Cotahuasi River – an adventure that was featured in Outside Magazine. 

Bio Bio Expeditions combine the range of incredible natural treasures of Peru into exciting multi-sport adventures that include our usual touches of luxury sure to be a highlight in your adventure travels. Peru is a “home away from home” for Bio Bio. You will be warmly welcomed to enjoy Peru’s various wonders as well as a few best-kept secrets!

We invite you to grab a paddle, lace up your hiking boots and CHOOSE PERU for the adventure vacation of a lifetime!

3. Rafting The Zambezi River


Beginning over twenty years ago, in 1989, Bio Bio Expeditions co-owners Marc and Laurence worked as full-time guides on the Zambezi River for three seasons, logging more than 300 descents of the mighty Zambezi between them! During those years they forged lifelong friendships and partnerships with many locals – relationships that are integral to how we make our Zambezi guided rafting adventures so incredible.

Bio Bio Expeditions returns to the Zambezi River almost every year. The river flows between Zambia and Zimbabwe in Southern Africa and we have developed all of our itineraries to ensure our guests experience the beauty and magic of the Zambezi in all its facets: the calm Upper section, the wild whitewater of Batoka Gorge, and the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls.

We include wonderful extras: enjoy the talents of traditional singers as they entertain us on our first night in the Zambezi’s Batoka Gorge, and wonderful stories about growing up in Africa told by our local guides around the campfire.

Of course, no trip to Africa is complete without relaxing and rejuvenating in the finest, luxury safari lodges that include plenty of opportunities for breathtaking game viewing.

Follow in the footsteps of Stanley Livingstone and join us at Victoria Falls – CHOOSE ZAMBEZI! 

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