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Fly Fish the Fu and Whitewater Raft, Too!

Enjoy Chile summer and the ultimate in fly fishing adventures on one of the most incredible rivers in the world – the Futaleufu!

It may still be the height of North American summer, but it’s time to start making winter plans!

In fact, there’s no better time to start planning your perfect Patagonia winter getaway! Take in the world-class experience of a Bio Bio expedition to the Futaleufu River and enjoy the best in fly fishing as well as luxury. Not to mention the ultimate in whitewater rafting.

Bio Bio is a full-service adventure travel company. This means that our trips aren’t limited to rafting adventures – not at all! We are proud to provide the most diverse and remarkable experiences available in the regions we tour.

And that includes including all manner of water sports in our Futaleufu River adventures. While it’s true that Bio Bio Expeditions began as a whitewater rafting and kayaking company, our years in Patagonia have helped the fly fishing bug to bite our guides hard, inspiring a passion for fly fishing to match their passion for whitewater.

Fly Fishing on the Futaleufu

The Futaleufu River is the best fly fishing in Chile and Patagonia boasting a legendary reputation in the sportfishing community. The Futaleufu is renowned for rainbow trout and large brown trout, with brook trout populating the colder tributaries like the Azul River. There are also seasonal spawning runs of Coho, King, and Atlantic salmon.

When it comes to the art and sport of fly fishing, Bio Bio has pioneered fly fishing in whitewater, allowing you to fish eddies between stretches of the Futaleufu River’s rapids that can only be accessed by watercraft.

Bio Bio Expeditions now has three catarafts, professionally outfitted with state-of-the- art fishing frames, casting platforms and swivel seats.  Due to the professional skills and abilities of our fly fishing guides, we’re able to bring a boat just about anywhere you like to explore the best opportunities for that big catch.

The spectacular glacier covered peaks and lush green valleys of the Futaleufu region provide a stunning backdrop for your fishing adventure.

And our Futaleufu River Adventure Base Camp is ideally situated right on the river, in the middle of one of the most beautiful, calm canyons on the “Fu”.  The turquoise waters just beyond our camp beckon each and every morning. Simply cast from our put-in eddy just a moment’s walk from your riverfront bungalow or join a guide in a cataraft and explore further afield.

It’s one of the most unique places you’ll ever experience whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or learning new skills – first timers, as well as experts are welcome!

Be prepared for an amazing trip! In addition to world-class fly fishing, your adventure vacation on the Futaleufu River includes the best in accommodations, relaxation, and river excitement.

Bio Bio has worked hard to establish one of the most luxurious riverfront experiences possible for our guests. Each morning you’ll enjoy the friendly service of your tent captain, as he, or she, delivers your tea or coffee to your tent.

For your rejuvenating pleasure, yoga classes are available every morning with private yoga sessions upon request.

We provide delicious gourmet cuisine including freshly baked bread and fresh vegetables from an adjacent farm as well as candlelight dinners in our “Galpon” an open-air log structure hand-built by our good friend and talented Chilean carpenter Rolando.

Take in a full range of multisport adventures with free access to our fleet of 14 suspension mountain bikes, whitewater kayaks and catarafts, and a variety of fishing gear. And whitewater rafting one of the most exciting, beautiful rivers in the world, of course!

Interested in learning more or booking this amazing fly fishing adventure? Click HERE to get all the details about fly fishing the Fu!

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