Alex Nicks

Alex Nicks is a well respected and known professional kayaker and videographer. He has recently expanded his videography business into outdoor & extreme sports presentations and commentating. Alex’s true passion though lies in taking kayaking as a sport to new and uncharted waters. He is hands down one of the world’s most expert rodeo kayakers.

Alex was born in the UK in 1972 and found only the ocean surf big enough to excite his early kayaking career. Alex has kayaked on rivers everywhere. After running rivers on the continent, he found himself suddenly on the Zambezi in Africa. Several years on that river and 100,000 kayaking miles later and he started traveling again.

His favorite river (at least in February) is by far the Futaleufu in Chile where he is our safety kayaker and instructor. With Alex in front of the rafts one never has to worry that a swimmer is going to get past our safety net. There simply is no better kayaker for the job than this fearless Brit. Beyond his accent, he adds intelligent conversation and is an agreeable, helpful team player.

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