Cristian Vargas

Cristian Vargas serves as our illustrious Head Chef at the Futaleufu Adventure Camp in Chile. Born in Amsterdam to Chilean parents, Cristian spent his early years in Holland before moving back to Chile. Cristian is a professional chef having graduated from the University INACAP in Santiago, Chile. His degree is in Administration of Gastronomic Production and International Cooking. He worked in many high-end Santiago restaurants before heading to San Sebastian, Spain to serve as head chef at an avante-garde restaurant. Although he loves the fast paced, exciting life of working in big city establishments, Cristian was also drawn to the outdoors. He was able to combine his passion for food with his passion for adventure by traveling to Futaleufu, Chile and working as head chef for a fly fishing lodge. We first met Cristian in Futaleufu and from time to time we would be lucky enough to have him come to the Bio Bio camp as a “guest chef”. Soon enough we had to have him work for us!! He also realized how much fun we have and what great people come to raft with us, and he knew where he wanted to be! Cristian has worked as our Head Chef since 2005. He creates the menu, places the food orders and arranges delivery (a daunting task in the middle of Patagonia!), and oversees the kitchen and bar staff. He has transformed the BBX dining experience to truly gourmet with a Latin American flair. He can creatively and deliciously meet any specific dietary requirements, from vegetarian to food allergies. Cristian is always happy to teach our guests how to make Chilean empanadas or the delicious salsa known as pebre. After dessert he can teach a different type of salsa when our bar transforms into a dance floor playing Cristian’s best Latin dance tunes!

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