Kipchoge Spencer

Kipchoge “not kip” Ivanhoe Spencer

Kipchoge joined Bio Bio Expeditions in 1994 while still a student at Stanford University. He wrote us a letter stating that all he ever wanted to be since he could remember was to be a river guide. So he is. He is one of the finest river guides there is. Also a Class V kayaker, his expert guiding is no doubt due, at least in part to his strong intuitive sense of timing. Kipchoge, in addition to being a great guide, is a consummate tarp shelter builder, ecologist, natural medicine healer, efficiency champion and vegetarian. With Kipchoge at the helm, we might actually have a chance to save our planet.

Kipchoge’s life story is a great one. At 3 years old he could back up trailers down 100 foot long boat ramps, at 10 he could kayak, at 17 he spent the summer building his mom a 97% energy efficient cabin in Oregon, at 21 he flew with a pair of Tevas, a life jacket and a guitar to Chile. His life would never be the same.

Did I mention guitar? This young man rocks! His original song writing, mutli-timbre voice blended with a virtuoso guitar strumming ability rarely seen, seldom enjoyed under the beaming stars along a burbling river makes campers smile from ear to ear, mumbling “encore, encore!” Kipchoge is becoming well known as a musician and we are proud to call him a member of the Bio Bio team.

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