Biking the Sacred Valley

1 Days
Tour by bike to the village of Maras, the Moray Circular ruins, Pichingoto salt mines and enjoy a picnic lunch.


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Tour Maras, one of the most beautiful parts of the Cusco Andes, mountain biking. Our adventure begins at the village of Maras all the way to Moray Circular ruins, a ancient agriculture experimental center. On the way we will go through crop fields and have a spectacular view of the snowy Veronica and Chicon. To take full advantage of the beautiful nature that surrounds us, we’ll enjoy a delicious outdoor picnic. Afterwards, following an ancient Inca trail, we continue to the salt mines of Pichingoto, impressive conglomerate of more than three thousand terraces where salt is stored from the time of the Inca Empire until today. Depending on our mood and physical state, we have the alternative to go through a “single track” to Urubamba Sacred Valley of the Incas.  Lunch included.

Trip Length: 1 Days
Deposit: $600.

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