Main Salmon Rafting

6 Days
June - September
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Main Salmon Rafting

Idaho’s Salmon River is one of the longest free flowing rivers in the United States and cuts through a vast area of incredibly rugged Rocky Mountain wilderness – the largest wilderness area in the Lower 48. The canyon it creates is the second deepest on the continent and it has a timelessness and mountain grandeur that is matched by few rivers anywhere. It is one of the last big mountain rivers remaining in the world that is undammed and for 85 miles it is virtually untouched by modern civilization. It is a rafting trip of a lifetime, a multi-sport adventure, one of the world’s premier wilderness rivers, and an adventure that we are honoured to offer.

Known as the “River of No Return” by early explorers the Salmon is a big mountain river. It has big water with spring flows rivaling that of Colorado’s Grand Canyon and big, fun, roller coaster style rapids; a big, incredibly beautiful,  river corridor set in a massive wilderness with peaks rising over a mile above the river; huge sandy beaches shaded by towering pine and fir trees ; big side creeks full of trout – creeks that would be called rivers in many parts of the world; a long history full of big personalities, characters, and stories; a ton of wild life including Big Horn Sheep, Black Bear, and Bald Eagle; and most importantly it offers a big authentic wilderness experience.

Despite its size, history, remoteness, and early nickname the Main Salmon River is incredibly friendly and comfortable. It features warm summer days lasting until nearly 10 in the evening, cool nights perfect for sleeping under the stars, water perfect for swimming, natural hot springs to soak in, perhaps the best beach camping anywhere, world-class trout fishing, a ton of hiking, and whitewater that is exciting yet safe. People have said that it feels wild, untouched, and rugged but at the same time comfortable, forgiving, and almost luxurious – a journey that combines a perfect beach vacation with the solitude and beauty of a vast wilderness and the excitement of a mountain whitewater river.

The whitewater features big water wave trains punctuated by calm green pools. It is fun and exciting, but great for almost any age level. You have the choice of sitting in relaxing oar boats, participating in more exciting paddle boats, or navigating the whitewater in an inflatable kayak or a stand up paddle board (this adds a big level of excitement to the rapids).

The options for each day can turn the trips into a multi-sport adventure for those interested. The river is perfect for inflatable kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. There are both mellow and epic hiking options and there is world-class trout fishing.  It is not uncommon to have a group leave together in the morning, split for hiking, fishing, or a stop at one of the historic wilderness homesteads, and then come back together as they float into the evenings camp to tell the stories of their day.

Idaho’s Main Salmon is one of those rare river trips that is ideal for the seasoned whitewater connoisseur, someone wanting to make the jump from shorter wilderness trips like Oregon’s Rogue River, or for complete first timers looking for their first river trip or an amazing vacation. The trip can be enjoyed by those wanting high adventure, those wanting a very active trip, and those just wanting a beautiful lazy vacation. Our salmon trips range from groups of families to college buddies to chartered private trips and it is not uncommon to have trips enjoyed by three generations of family or friends.

6 Day Main Salmon Rafting Trips

Overnight camping trips are an incredible way to fully experience the amazing qualities of the Salmon, nature as a whole, and the people you are with. Most are surprised by the quality of the food, the overall comfort, and the many intangibles that characterize extended time on the river. We are extremely proud of our comfortable camping in wilderness places. As with all our overnight trips the camping on the Salmon is deluxe and the food is excellent and served in a dining room where the sky is the ceiling.

The relaxed pace of the 6-day allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the experience, with time for activities such as hiking, swimming, fishing, beach games, and just lounging around. We spend the days floating down river, the evenings on large sandy beaches, and the nights under the stars. We fall asleep to the sound of the water gliding by and the anticipation of all that will come from the next day.

Day 1: 
Our trip starts in Boise Idaho at 7am, where we board a small plane for a scenic one hour plane flight over the Idaho Rockies to the little town of Salmon. There you will be met by one of the guides and we will drive a little over 2 hours to our “put-in” at Corn Creek. On the way we will stop at the North Fork Store for last minute necessities, fishing permits, personal drinks, etc. At Corn Creek we will meet the rest of the crew, have lunch by the river, do an orientation talk, and pack our dry bags. After loading our gear and ourselves into the boats we push off and head down the Salmon River and into the largest wilderness area in the Lower 48. For six days we will float the Salmon as it cuts a huge and beautiful canyon through the remote and wild Idaho Rockies. The canyon is home to abundant wildlife including bear, big horn sheep, river otter, dear, bald eagles, and osprey.

Days 2-5: 
Each morning after a hearty breakfast and plenty of time for a second cup of coffee we will break camp and head down river. Days will include time on the water, a lunch stop, time on the beaches, time for optional side hikes (the hiking is world-class), fishing options (also world-class) and stops at side creeks, historic sites, and even natural hot springs. Each day also features sections of big, fun, roller coaster style rapids and views of the incredible beautiful and varied river canyon with peaks rising over a mile above the river. The exact itinerary and length of each day will depend on water levels, weather, and the interests of the group. There is an incredible amount to see and a ton of options – it is a true wilderness playground.

Day 6:
Morning comes once again with coffee, tea and the sound of birds in the canyon. Our last day includes one of the biggest rapids on the trip and a chance to experience the river for one last morning. We reach the end of our river trip around lunch, say goodbye to most of the guides and begin the drive back to Boise and civilization. We will take a quick break in the mountain town of McCall for a snack and a break, say goodbye to the trip leader, and then get back to Boise around 7 in the evening.
As we enjoy the Salmon river, Dr Tammy Grubb from Washington State University will present 18 CE hours on “Anesthesia and pain management in your practice”. Tammy has spent time on the Salmon so she will also be able to provide some folk lore to increase your knowledge!

Departure Dates:

June 4-9
June 12-17
June 20-25
June 28 – July 3

July 6-11
July 30 – August 4

August 7-12
August 15-20
August 23-28
August 2 – September 5

September 8-13
September 16-21

June 28 – July 3

July 22-27

Trip Length: 6 Days
Trip Price:

6-day Trip (Our standard itinerary – meets and ends in Boise): $2,590 / $2,331 (Youth)
(This price includes ALL transportation to and from Boise – including a spectacular scenic small plane flight)

Driving Option 6-Day Trip (no transportation/flight package): $2,290 / $2,061 (Youth)
(Meet in Salmon Idaho and end in McCall Idaho. This is the itinerary only includes transportation from Salmon to the River and from the river to McCall – we will help you to set up a shuttle for your vehicle)

Trips Include:
• Transportation to and from Boise Idaho including a scenic small plane flights to Salmon Idaho. (Unless the driving option is chosen).
• All river equipment.
• All camping gear (including ultra-comfortable 3″ sleeping pads) if needed.
• Gourmet 3 course meals featuring local and organic produce & products.
• World-Class guides with a minimum 5 years experience leading trips around the globe.
• A trip down one of the world’s premier wilderness rivers.

Please note:
The number of visitors allowed each year is extremely regulated, because of this dates tend to fill up very quickly.
– 10% off for groups of 10+ people
– Additional Costs: $4 per day Recreation Enhancement Act Fee

– Build Your Own Trip – Private, custom, and charter trips available!  Call for more information!

Youth Price: from $2061
Deposit: $600

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