Mountain Biking in Peru

1-3 Days

Mountain Biking in Peru

Get off the beaten path with a Bio Bio Expeditions mountain biking extension in Peru.  Adding 1 to 3 days of mountain biking to your Peru trip will enhance the adventure and open your eyes to areas few tourists see.  Most of the rides take place in the Sacred Valley, an hour outside of Cusco.  There are choices for all ability and adrenaline levels, from  scenic, gentle cross-country to incredible downhill with 5000 feet of serious descent! The rides involve a mix of rarely-used dirt roads, ancient Inca footpaths (singletrack!), and smooth mule tracks.  You will pass through small Andean villages, Spanish colonial plazas, ancient Inca ruins, and high altitude farmland.  These rides give you a glimpse of the day-to-day life of the Quechua who still farm the terraces and fields of their Inca ancestors.  Please view the detailed itinerary for descriptions of the individual rides available and we’ll see you on the trail!

RIDE #1:  Maras to Moray

An hour drive from Cusco, this ride combines some lovely cross-country traversing, incredible 5000 foot downhill, and two different fascinating Inca ruins.  We begin with a gentle pedal along the shore of the higland Lake Huaypo.  We ride cross country on smooth dirt roads and mule tracks to the ancient archaeological site of Moray, a very interesting agricultural experimental center.  Along the way we will enjoy impressive views of the snow-capped peaks of the Andes.  We will be passing through farmland and admire the Quechua at work in the fields, farming the same land as their Inca ancestors.  We continue through small villages, stopping mid-day for a delicious picnic.  We carry on downhill with both gentle, dirt road options for those who want to take it slow, and, high adrenaline single-track for those who want the challenge.  We eventually reach the salt mines of Pichingoto.  This is a fascinating conglomerate of over 3000 evaporation troughs carved into the hillside where the salt-laden silt gathers and becomes gradually distilled into rock salt.  This site is very ancient, was perfected by the Incas, and is still in use to this day.  The descent continues all the way to the Sacred Valley floor.


Option:  We can return to Cusco after the ride, or spend the night in a hotel in the Sacred Valley and enjoy another mountain biking adventure the following day.


RIDE #2:  The Lares Hot Springs Bike Tour

Our tour begins with a drive from Cusco or the Sacred Valley to Calca and from there continues over a high pass until reaching the community of Lares (elev. approx. 14730 feet).  Lares represents an authentic example of rural life in the Andes of Peru. Along the way we will observe traditional dwellings and structures, local people wearing typical homespun clothes, and many llamas and alpacas. After reaching Lares, we will bike down through the Lares Valley (elev. 10,492 feet) until reaching the topmost fringes of the jungle.  Geographical and microclimatic transformations take place in rapid succession. The high and midlands very soon give way to greener, warmer and densely forested surroundings. While we ride, our support vehicle is constantly with us, which means you can decide how much, how long, and when or not to bike.  After the ride we return by vehicle to Lares and enjoy a well-deserved soak in the hot springs.

Option:  We can return to Cusco after the ride, or spend the night in a hotel in the Sacred Valley and enjoy another mountain biking adventure the following day.

RIDE #3:  Lares to Calca

This is one of the best and most enjoyable sections of downhill biking to be found anywhere in the Sacred Valley.  We start off from the top of the high pass of Lares (elev.14,730 feet) and cruise all the way downhill to the town of Calca. Sections of this downhill route are surrounded by spectacular views of the Urubamba Mountain Range.

Trip Length: 1-3 Days

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