Norway and Above the Arctic Circle Multi Sport

12 Days

Norway and Above the Arctic Circle Multi Sport

Stunning adventures await above the Arctic Circle in Norway!

From the towering peaks of the Lofoten Islands to the northern cultural hub of Tromsø, we’ve created an adventure that brings you stunning hikes, sea kayaking, rafting, caving, rib boating, glacier hiking, surfing or stand up paddle boarding and much more all above the Artic circle in the Midnight sun.

We will soak in all this majestic landscape has to offer from the legendary islands of Vega to charming fishing villages. Delightful hotels and lodges and traditional Norwegion meals. Our host Marian Saether, born and raised in Norway, with a masters degree in Norwegion history and one of the worlds best female expedition kayakers, will guide us through her favorite parts of Northern Norway.

A word about our host:
Mariann Saether is born and bred by the shore of the Otta river in Norway, and has spent 25 years kayaking on rivers all over the world. She is the current, and two time World Champion in extreme kayaking, owns property by the Futaleufu river in Chile and spends winters in the Patagonean Andes together with many of Bio Bio´s guides.

She has been in the adventure tourism industry for two decades, working for companies in Norway, Chile and Canada, along with running her own rafting company, RiverNorth rafting, with her longtime partner Ron Fischer in northern Norway. She loves her country and especially the north, and with a master´s in history from her nine-year university degree she will be sure to let you know all about the rich history in this part of Norway.

August 23 – Arrival Day
Fly into Bodø international airport and drive 30 kms north (approx 1/2 hour) to the amazing Kjerringøy and spend a relaxing evening by the sea, enjoying a typical Norwegion dinner together.

Kjerringøy is a unique coastal landscape with wave-smoothed rocks and gleaming white sandy beaches, thriving rural villages and the historical Kjerringøy Handelssted (trading post). Most people still associate the peninsula with Kjerringøy Handelssted, which enjoyed its golden age in the 1800s. Stretch your legs after your journey by enjoying the open-air museum and this quintessential Norwegian town. (D)

August 24
After a nice breakfast together, we will drive about 3 hours south to the Arctic Circle Center, which sits at 650 metres (2,100 feet) above sea level. It has exhibitions, a souvenir shop and cafeteria. In the cinema, we will watch the show ‘Welcome to the Arctic’, which presents fantastic images and music from the Arctic Circle region. The Arctic Circle, which marks the border to the Arctic, just as the Antarctic Circle marks the border to Antarctica, and runs through the region of Helgeland.  It acts as the frontier for the Arctic kingdom of the midnight sun and dark months.

We will enjoy a traditional Norwegian lunch spread in the open air, carefully prepared by your guides.

After lunch, we will explore the cave Grønligrotta. Grønligrotta is a gentle walk through an underground world with the most astonishing rock formations in exciting caves. It is one of the largest of the 200 caves in the district of Rana.

Our guide will take us on a 40-50 minute tour where we will see potholes, subterranian creek, a subterranian waterfall and various forms of marble – simply a wonderful, underground adventure.

After our caving adventure we will drive to nearby Arcic Circle city of Mo I Rana, where we will stay at Meyergården hotel.  Please note: this evening you will be free to roam the city, and dine wherever you want. Your guide can help you with dining options. (Dinner not included in trip cost) (B+L)

August 25
After a yummy breakfast, we pack our lunch and drive 1 hour to the start of today’s hike. Our hike will bring us to the famous cabin “Rabot-hytta”, located in front of a spectacular glacier in the Okstindan mountain range. The hike is about two hours of easy walking, marveling at the spectacular view of Northern Norway’s highest mountain range.

Here we will settle in and enjoy traditional Norwegian lunch-spread made by our guides. The afternoon is free for everybody to roam this amazing glacier scenery, while your guides prepare a great dinner. (B+L+D)

August 26
Today we will embark on a glacier adventure as we get equiped with crampons and ice axes to explore the ice next to the cabin! Qualified guides will lead us through the ice for a 2-3 hour adventure. Once back at the cabin, we will enjoy a simple lunch, before hiking back out to and drive to the small town of Mosjøen.

This evening, we will overnight in Norway’s oldest hotel.  Everybody is free to dine wherever they want, in the colorful city which has multiple restaurants, bars and cafes to enjoy. (B+L)

August 27
After breakfast, we once again pack our bags and head to the small town of Trofors, 45 minutes from Mosjøen. We will head out to  raft on the world class Austervefsna river, an adventure provided by RiverNorth rafting.  After this thrilling morning activity, we will enjoy a simple, warm lunch after the river adventure, before we drive the 2 hours to the coastal city of Brønnøysund. Here we will sleep on historical grounds, as the hotel is situated where an old, Viking farm used to be. This evening, we dine together in the fine hotel restaurant, with pristine views and fresh sea air. (B+L+D)

August 28
After breakfast, we walk up to the famous “hole in the mountain”, situated just above our hotel. After walking through the hole we will do a loop around the mountain, eventually ending up back at the hotel. The views of the archipelago are nothing short of spectacular.

After the morning hike, we will board the bus and drive 40 minutes a picturesque restaurant, focusing on local produce. “Hildurs urterarium” is situated in an area often used for gatherings and social events since the time of the Vikings. To this day, people from far and wide gather here to admire the beauty of the area with stunning views, wonderful food and happy company.

After enjoying a good lunch, we drive 10 minutes to the ferry which will carry us to the legendary island of Vega, a UNESCO world heritage scenery for good reason at it is representative of “the way generations of fishermen and farmers have, over the past 1,500 years, maintained a sustainable living in an inhospitable seascape near the Arctic Circle, based on the now unique practice of eiderdown harvesting.”

In Vega we will stay at the Vega Havhotell, which is located on north-west side of Vega, at Viksaas between forests, mountains and seas. (B+L+D)

August 29
After a sumptuous breakfast, we check out of the hotel and drive 15 minutes to the famous Stairs of Vega. Here you can chose between a walk up the stairs, or to participate in a Via Ferrata which is about 1.5 hours up.

After our adventure, we drive to the World heritage centre where you will enjoy some time on your own. Through exhibitions and activities, you learn about the life of the fish farmer and inhabitants on these islands, and about the background for the world heritage status.

You can also buy lunch in the café. (Not included in trip price)

This afternoon we load back up and catch a ferry back to the mainland, driving to the scenic port of Nesna.

Tonight we will enjoy the amazing atmosphere at Havblikk camp ground, known for its amazing evening views and culinary delights in its Aurora restaurant. (B+D)

August 30
After a solid breakfast, we will head out on a special adventure: a sea eagle safari in Rib boats, with an amazing lunch in old traditional boat house!

After our adventure, you are free to explore Nesna in the afternoon, as we will spend one more night in the hospitable Havblikk. (B+L)

August 31
Get ready for a breathtaking journey! Today we will drive up the coastal highway, which by many is described as the world’s most beautiful coastal route!

We will catch the one-hour ferry from the tiny port of Kilboghavn to Jektvik, crossing the Artcic circle on board the ferry.

We drive up the coast to the Meløy – and before we get in our sea kayaks, we will enjoy a tradiontal Norwegian lunch spread to prepare us for an epic sea kayak journey to one of Norways biggest glaciers – The Svartisen glacier, where you will kayak among the huge icebergs drifting in the Arctic water of the Storglomvatnet lake.

We will spend the night in the old Engen gård – situated not far from the Svartisen glacier. (B+L+D)

Engen gård:—svartisen.html

September 1
After a nice breakfast, we will start our drive up the coast towards the “City of roses”, Bodø, where we will catch a ferry over to the world-famous Lofoten islands. We break up the drive by stopping at the famous tidal maelstroem of Saltstraumen.

We will spend two hours in the centre of Bodø, where you can wander around in the city and eat lunch wherever they please. (not included)

We board the ferry to the Lofoten islands at 16.45, and the journey takes 3 hours and 15 minutes. We get off the ferry and drive straight to Eliassen rorbuer where we will spend the night, and enjoy a good dinner. (B+L+D)

September 2
We get up early to enjoy the islands of Lofoten, heading to the charming fishing village of Nusfjord. The village is often regarded as one of the oldest and best preserved fishing villages in Norway, with traces of people living in Nusfjord from 425 BC. We will stroll around, check out the little museum, have a coffee and simply enjoy the views from this charming village.

After our visit we drive to the famous beach Unstad, where our afternoon adventure awaits.

For the more daring ones, this is the opportunity to try e surfing and for others there are boat options.

After our afternoon adventure it is time for our last night together, and what better way than to end it with a proper Viking feast?

Hemmingodden Lodge is situated right by the sea, and our boats are waiting for you at the pier. You stay in traditional, modern, comfortable and soulful fisherman’s cabins that all have a story to tell. Enjoy the opportunity to live close to nature and everyday life in a vibrant fishing village. Experience the magnificent sea, the majestic mountains and the magical light of Lofoten. Find that wonderful tranquillity in our fisherman’s cabins and how it feels to come home.

After our dinner we will go back to  Hemmingodden Lodge. (B+L+D)

September 3
Today we enjoy a lazy breakfast before driving to the airport and say goodbye. (B)

Plan for a domestic flight out of Leknes airport to Bodo anytime on September 3rd . Its a long days drive back to Bodo so a flight out of Leknes is the best option.

Trip Length: 12 Days

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  1. Awesome trip. Ron Fischer is a superb organizer. The sights and sounds of northern Norway are not to be missed! All the sports you could want in two outstanding weeks!