Committed to Conservation and Giving Back

Committed to Conservation and Giving Back

Futaleufu River Rafting Adventure

A fundamental component of the Bio Bio Expeditions mission is to provide people with exceptional experiences in the most awe-inspiring and resplendent landscapes on earth. 

Equally important is our commitment to conservation – that we conduct each of our excursions and adventures in such a way as to be the most conscious, eco-friendly and respectful towards the environment and people who inhabit it as possible.

It was the Bio Bio River in Chile that launched our business. It was out of deep reverence for this iconic river and the indigenous people living on its banks, that inspired the name for our adventure travel company. 

“Bio” in Spanish means life.

In that spirit, we approach each of our trips as life-affirming. We promote positive, exciting, bold experiences immersed in the breathtaking beauty of nature. Bio Bio Expeditions is life-enhancing, ecologically low-impact travel – our passion!

Advocating for a healthy, thriving environment and natural habitat is a foundational pillar in our mission and operations of Bio Bio. As such, it’s important for us to support a variety of organizations who share our values. Groups as committed to environmental and ecological sustainability, protection, and conservation as we are. 

We are proud to support Futaleufú Riverkeeper, Patagonia’s first Waterkeeper program. Riverkeeper is a Chilean not-for-profit foundation established in 2012 to protect the natural and cultural heritage of the Futaleufú watershed.

Much of our success can be attributed, of course, to the quality of experience we provide to our clients. None of it would be possible, however, without the solid and lasting relationships we’ve been fortunate enough to nurture through the years with the local people in the regions in which Bio Bio operates.

We understand the positive impact experiences in nature provide for mental and physical health and well-being. In fact, it inspires all of our programs. 

It’s why partnerships such as what we have with First Descents are so important to us. First Descents provides life-changing outdoor adventures for young adults, ages 18 – 39, impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions. 

With them, and the help of breathtaking Patagonia, we provide an outdoor adventure designed to empower – to paddle and surf beyond their diagnosis, reclaim their lives, and connect with others doing the same.

FDX 2013 Patagonia from Nathan Grundhauser on Vimeo.

Our commitment to the environment, nature, and well-being, as well as the relationships we’ve nurtured in the regions Bio Bio operates, are the reason we’ve established ourselves as one of the premiere and respected companies on the river.