Bio Bio Expeditions - Whitewater Kayaking

Join BBX for the Whitewater Kayaking trip of a lifetime – thrills, fun, relaxation and luxury unparalleled!

When you join Bio Bio Expeditions for one of our whitewater kayaking adventures, you can expect a wonderful, exciting, luxury, and full-service whitewater experience. Whether it’s a high adventure in the heart of Patagonia on the epic Futaleufu River, an exhilarating Zambezi adventure or exploring the unspoiled regions of Costa Rica, you’re sure to find the whitewater kayaking trip that’s perfect for you.  

In addition to whitewater kayaking the most magical rivers on the planet, our adventure vacations include traveling through lush tropical rainforests, secluded wilderness lodges, and breathtaking beaches. A truly unique experience; enjoy seeing new parts of the world by foot, mountain bike, horseback, and, of course, kayak, all while immersing yourself in unique history, culture, and printing ecology.

Relax in luxury – comfy accommodations, thoughtfully prepared gourmet meals, hot tubs, and even hot tea delivered to your tent in the mornings!

Our Adventures

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