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Your once-in-a-lifetime hiking and trekking adventure starts here!

Pristine wilderness, glaciers, history, and even the highest freestanding mountain on the planet, our extraordinary hiking and trekking adventures never fail to excite and inspire!

From Norway’s rocky wilderness and African adventure that begins with a climb up breathtaking to the historic and magical Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, our hiking and trekking excursions are second to none. Get a feel for the landscape and the culture, with breathtaking views, remarkable geography, and archaeological experiences that will take your breath away. Each of our hiking and trekking adventures offers a unique perspective of the country and region, offering an exhilarating outdoor experience you’ll never forget.

No matter the hiking and trekking outdoor adventure you choose, you can count on a luxurious stay – rest, relax and rejuvenate in comfort enjoying incredible gourmet food and more as you make new friends and great memories.

Our Adventures

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