Bio Bio Expeditions - Rafting

BBX rafting adventures are designed for adventurers of all levels of skills and abilities – excitement and exhilaration all ‘round!  

Bio Bio Expeditions knows rafting! From high adventure in the heart of Patagonia to exploring the many remarkable facets of the Zambezi watershed to rafting and fishing Idaho’s Salmon River – one of the longest free-flowing rivers in the United States, cutting through the rugged Rocky Mountain wilderness – we have almost too great a selection of unique and breathtaking whitewater rafting experiences to list.  

More than just time on the river, every one of our excursions offers luxurious, full-service rafting experiences. Enjoy astonishing wildlife sightings, breathtaking hikes, mountain biking, fishing, and much, much more. Including luxurious living – unique and comfy-cozy accommodations, thoughtfully prepared gourmet meals, hot tub soaks, yoga, and straight-up rest ’n relaxation after your exhilarating hours on the river. 

Our Adventures

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