Bio Bio Expeditions - Wildlife Viewing

Join BBX for our incredible wildlife-viewing adventures. See fascinating critters, big and small, in their natural habitat.

On our unique adventure vacations, Bio Bio Expeditions offers more than exciting, luxurious, full-service whitewater experiences. Many of our trips offer up fascinating wildlife viewing opportunities – even more reason to leave your vacation excited and exhilarated!

Cruise the amazing Galapagos Islands, climb Kilimanjaro or create your dream African safari wildlife adventure and many others, each of our expeditions offer once-in-a-lifetime adventures featuring majestic local wildlife.  

Our trips will indulge your senses, highlighting incredible habitats and remarkable wildlife sightings. But they also include the very best in exciting, adventurous outdoor activities – whitewater rafting, kayaking, hiking, trekking, and so much more! All from the luxurious home base of our luxurious accommodations, featuring everything you need to rest and relax. 

Sleep well, eat well, and make new friends before returning home with amazing photographs and memories to last a lifetime!

Our Adventures

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