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Whitewater Rafting & Multi-sport Adventures in the Himalaya

In 2009, Bio Bio Expeditions ran the first commercial rafting descent of the Drangme Chhu river in Bhutan.  It was on this trip that we fell in love with Bhutan and created a multi-sport adventure vacation we call “Rivers, Mountains and Dzongs.”

Another world class whitewater river we are proud to offer is the Zanskar located in the pristine north of India, the region of Ladakh.  The Zanskar is known as the “Grand Canyon of the Himalaya” with big volume whitewater in a spectacular, rugged gorge.

Nepal is famous for its rivers and treks.  We have decided to combine both of these to include a 4-day trek followed by an 8-day classic Himalayan river descent.  The trek takes you away from the crowds and delivers unbeatable views of Kangchenjunga, which stands at 28,169 ft!

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