Bio Bio Expeditions - Archaeology/History

The best combination of outdoor experiences and delightful archaeology history and cultural exploration! 

We travel to such amazing places! In their own unique way, each offers the very best in outdoor adventure combined with incredible cultural exploration. If you’re a history buff with interest in different cultures and archaeology history, this is the perfect excursion for you!

Our BBX adventures come in all sizes and shapes, created and designed to appeal to all manner of interests. For you archaeology buffs, we offer a fabulous range of incredible adventure excursions to satisfy not only your need for thrills and excitement but also your desire to explore. From rafting to treks to biking and horseback riding, for all levels of experience, our adventures get you off the beaten track and back into ancient times.

And into luxury, too! Off the river or the trail, expect exceptional comfort, great food, and so much more to make for the best in a well-rounded adventure experience, highlighting archaeology history and tremendous fun!

Our Adventures

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