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Recent Press


Bio Bio Expeditions has enjoyed longstanding relationships with members of the adventure travel and outdoor industry press for many years. Please make sure you contact us to be included in our media list so that you receive our news releases and do not hesitate to call us for images, story ideas and to check out our new trips for 2025.

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We offer discounted (or complimentary) space on many of our trips for media professionals who demonstrate a consistent track record for placement of editorial with top media sources. We can help you generate story ideas and steer you towards unique storylines which will interest your readers. Call us!

Travel & Leisure Trip Ideas – Chile’s Futaleufu River

Travel & Leisure highlight the Futaleufu Base Camp owned by Bio Bio Expeditions. It’s where it all started!

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Raft Africa’s Middle Zambezi While you still can

Huffington Post

Bio Bio Expeditions highlighted in Huffington post for Best New Adventure Travel trips! The Zanskar river expedition.

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Outside Magazine 2014 travel awards

Bio Bio Expeditions is once again recognized as one of the worlds top outfitters by Outside Magazine

First Descents seeks adventure in South America

Denver, CO—February 21, 2013 — First Descents, a non-profit providing outdoor adventure programs for young adults with cancer announces it will be holding an FDX program Patagonia, South America.

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Outside Magazine 2013 Travel Awards

Bio Bio Expeditions selected as one of the Worlds Best Outfitters in the 2013 Outside Magazine Travel Awards

BootsnAll: Ski, Surf, Sip, Raft and Ride: Six Places to Explore the Diversity of Chile

May, 2012 – Chile’s rep as a killer adventure travel destination is nothing new. With the archipelago of Chiloe, a bucolic Lakes District, 2,700 miles of coastline, the planet’s most arid desert, the towering peaks of the Andean Cordillera, and one of the most badass commercially navigable rivers, it’s no wonder this beguiling ribbon of a nation is a haven for active travelers.

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Body and Soul Magazine (03/25/07)

A River Runs Through It
Yoga at BIO BIO EXPEDITION’s 10-day Patagonia retreat is all about going with the flow. Hovering 50 feet above Chile’s Futaleufu River, the open-air yoga platform at this adventure base camp offers spectacular views of turquoise rapids backed by glaciated peaks. Twice-daily hatha flow classes prep you for the next day’s rafting of fly-fishing trip, while savasanas allow time for listening to the river rush by and feeling the subequatorial sun on your face.

National Geographic Adventure Magazine – The 25 Best New Adventure Trips for 2010

The Drangme Chhu River is Bhutan’s largest drainage, a spillway for Himalayan snow and ice that rolls into turquoise Class IV and V rapids through sheer granite walls. And it has never been run. But this month a team from Bio Bio Expeditions and its UK based partner, Ultimate Descents, will make a first descent of the Drangme Chhu into Royal Manas National park – an area that has long been closed to tourists.

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Exploring Happiness in Bhutan

May, 2012 – “I’m suspicious of any place this Shangri-La perfect. There has to be a downside,” I said to my fellow travelers on the first day of our trek in the mountains of Bhutan, the remote Himalayan kingdom which until recently has kept itself isolated from the modern world…”

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National Geographic Traveler 2010 Tours of a Lifetime (04/21/10)

Bhutan: First Commercial Descent
The culmination of years of negotiation with the Bhutan government, this rafting expedition down the Drangme Chhu—the last unexplored river system in the country—promises world-class whitewater in the shadow of soaring Himalayan peaks. Off the river, thrill-seekers are welcomed for a feast and overnight at the family home of guide Ugyen Dorji and at Enduchholing, the palace of the first hereditary monarch of Bhutan. Bio Bio Expeditions: “Drangme Chhu River First Commercial Descent,” 17 days.

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National Geographic Traveler – Zambezi (05/19/09)

“Every year, the editorial team combs the world to find the most authentic, most innovative, most immersive, best-guided, and most sustainable tours,” notes senior editor Norie Quintos. “This year, we wanted to make sure that the trips we picked were also a great value, given the economic climate. What we found is that there is no better time to go on a guided tour than now as the traditional savings offered by an outfitter being able to negotiate better rates on a trip’s components is magnified by cheaper airfares, a strengthened dollar, and more discounts, freebies, and extras.”

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National Geographic Adventure Magazine – “Best Outfitters on Earth” (10/22/07)

With assistance from the Adventure Travel Council, Adventures in Travel Expo, the adventure travel trade Association, and other travel and tourism organizations, National Geographic Adventure magazine chose the “Best Outfitters on Earth” and Bio Bio is included as one of them – For more information please see the November 2007 issue of National Geographic Adventure Magazine


Best Outfitters on the Planet – National Geographic Adventure Magazine (01/21/09)

This outfitter is a Chile expert first and foremost: It got started on the now dammed Bio-Bio River and then decamped to the Class V Futaleufu, which is now the company’s most popular run. It also seeks out burly whitewater in Africa, Asia, and North America: Siberia’s Katun, Nepal’s Marsyangdi, and California’s Salmon.

National Geographic Adventure Magazine: Bio Bio Expeditions one of best outfitters on the planet ’09

This outfitter is a Chile expert first and foremost: It got started on the now dammed Bio-Bio River and then decamped to the Class V Futaleufu, which is now the company’s most popular run. It also seeks out burly whitewater in Africa, Asia, and North America: Siberia’s Katun, Nepal’s Marsyangdi, and California’s Salmon.

Canoe & Kayak reviews Bio Bio Expeditions Futaleufu (09/13/05)

Canoe & Kayak reviews Bio Bio Expeditions Futaleufu- The experience of beginner kayakers on the Futaleufu is highlighted in this article featuring Bio Bio Expeditions. The Futaleufu is not only for Class 4 and 5 Kayayers, it is the perfect place to come learn how to kayak with some of the best guides in the world!


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National Geographic Traveler Magazine 50 tours of a lifetime! (05/01/08)

When we started this annual roundup of the world’s top guided tours three years ago, we sought to bring readers the most transformative, sustainable, and authentic experiences. To our delight, there’s no shortage of companies that share our philosophy. Whether it’s staring down a king penguin in Antarctica, sharing mole with a Oaxacan family, or watching your kids in a pickup soccer game in Sardinia, this is the sort of travel that will stick with you. We hope our 2008 picks get you inspired.

Bio Bio Expeditions Futaleufu trip in Patagonia is listed as 50 trips of a lifetime in the May 2008 issue.

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Exploring the land of the Inca, from Cusco to Machu Picchu (08/09/07)

Alaska inflight magazine August 2007 features Bio Bio Expeditions adventure to Peru. Raft the Apurimac river, explore Cusco and the Sacred Valley and hike the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. Article by Rob Dunton. page 168 – 174.

National Geographic Adventure – Ultimate Escapes (04/01/07)

CNN.Com: Lists Bio Bio Expeditions as the selected outfitter for a Dream trip – Climbing Kilimanjaro

“No one should miss out on certain experiences in this life—and yet actually planning these trips can be intimidating, even paralyzing. We’re here to help. It’s time to spin the globe and think big. Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro is the first in a series of Budget Travel dream trip destinations. Check back each Tuesday for a new trip idea.” …


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I want your Job – A television reality show featuring Bio Bio Expeditions. (08/09/07)

Marc Goddard and Laurence Alvarez are featured on a Reality TV show called “I want your job” Please call the Bio Bio Expeditions office if you want Bio Bio Expeditions to send you a copy of the production.

Descent of the Cotahuasi in Outside Magazine – One of the first descents of this amazing river

“THE LITTLE PERUVIAN MARE stepped gingerly in the bedded tracks of burros, got halfway across the steep sand slide, and stopped. All around us, rock walls the color of a raw wound soared in pinnacles and ramparts, sheer and bone-dry. Fifty feet below, the slide ended in air. And sound. The Cotahuasi River, thousands of feet down, sent up a roar like distant wind as it cut its way into the canyon floor. Ahead, the two-foot-wide Inca footpath was a gray thread clinging to a nearly vertical wall.

I looked at the horse’s ears. It seemed the best place to focus. Her head was low, forlorn, like the woodcuts of Quixote’s Rocinante.

“You want me to get off, don’t you?” The ears twitched. “You don’t trust your footing in this scree and you’re as scared of heights as I am, even though you are Peruvian and bred for the mountains.””


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“Top Luxury Outfitters in the World” (01/10/05) 2005 listed Bio Bio Expeditions as one of the top Luxury Outfitters in the World.

Best Luxury Tour Companies
Christina Valhouli

“Some activities—like skydiving, surgery and planning complex vacations—are best left to the professionals. But mention the phrase “organized tour” and some people recoil, thinking of busloads of gawking tourists clutching guidebooks, cameras and a check-list of sites. …”

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Men’s Journal Highlights Laurence Alvarez Roos (10/01/04)

Men’s Journal Highlights Laurence Alvarez Roos – Men’s Journal recently selected Laurence Alvarez-Roos in a feature article about Leading Men of the Outdoors as an accomplished river runner and guide.


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“Best New Trip” in 2005 (01/10/05)

Outside magazine’s listing of our latest Peruvian Adventure as the “Best New Trip” in 2005.

Best Trips 2005: The High Road – South America

“To reach some hard-won whitewater, this ten-day trekking-and-rafting expedition starts with a six-hour hike down the western slope of Peru’s lush Cordillera Vilcabamba. Follow this the next day with a 5,900-foot ascent to Choquequirau, ruins of one of the most remarkable Incan cities discovered to date. Then make history of your own, on the rarely run, Class IV–V Lower Apurímac River, home to parrots, monkeys, cormorants, and countless waterfalls….”

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National Geographic Adventurer Magazines -The Top 25 Trips of a Lifetime 2003. (01/10/03)

National Geographic Adventurer Magazines 2003 choice of our Zambezi Rafting trip as one of the Top 25 Trips of a Lifetime.


Laurence Alvarez-Roos expertise is shown on the cover of Paddler Magazine (03/01/04)

Laurence Alvarez-Roos expertise is shown on the cover of Paddler Magazine- Bio Bio Expeditions owner Laurence Alvarez-Roos on the cover of the Paddler Magazine leading a trip down the Futaleufu


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Outside Magazine’s choice of best trips for 2003. (03/10/03)

Outside Magazine’s March 2003 choice of Bio Bio’s Katun River expedition in Russia as one of their “Nomads Have More Fun” best trips for 2003.

If you’re looking for bragging rights to a truly remote river, consider the glacier-fed Katun. This 90-mile stretch of whitewater drains from the southern slopes of the 13,000-foot Altai Range, dropping fast through alpine tundra, 300-foot granite canyons, and continuous sets of Class III-IV pool-drop rapids. After a long river day, your evening entertainment at camp consists of traditional Russian dancing and a steamy riverfront bana (sauna).”


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Marc Goddard and Laurence Alvarez-Roos win the World Rafting Championships (09/13/99)

Marc Goddard and Laurence Alvarez-Roos win the World Rafting Championships – The owners of Bio Bio Expeditions experience the thrill of victory in Costa Rica as Team California. Marc and Laurence’s team went onto to win the World Championships on the Coruh River in Turkey and place in the top for 4 in the Zambezi Rafting Championships during 1995-1999.


Outside Selects Bio Bio Apurimac Rafting Trip as the Trip of the Year for 2005 (01/01/05)

Outside Selects Bio Bio Apurimac Rafting Trip as the Trip of the Year for 2005- Not only listed as one of the Best Trips of 2005, Rafting the Lower Apurimac receives the 2005 Trip of the Year distinction.


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Paddler Magazine Highlights Marc Goddard (09/13/05)

“No raft guide has had a year like Marc Goddard. In the past 12 months he’s guided rafts on Chile’s Futalefuf, Peru’s Cotahuasi, Africa’s Zambezi, California’s Cherry Creek, and he topped it off by steering a group of friends down California’s seldom-rafted and three-day, Class V Middle Fork of the Feather.”


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Rapids and Inca Ruins (03/26/07)

The Age of Conquest

Hang ten, hit the road, or paddle a raging river with your closest friends to turn your wild escapes into buddy trips with bragging rights.

A great river trip is more than a foaming roller-coaster ride. It’s a voyage to terra incognita, inaccessible to all but the most intrepid paddlers. And on the Cotahuasi River, in Peru, it’s a passage through time and nature to a realm little introduced by modern life. Tackling it can bond friends for life. Running from the Andes to the Pacific, the Cotahuasi cuts through a gorge thought to be twice the depth of the Grand Canyon, and its banks are lined with lost Inca cities, burial sites, and stone terraces as well preserved as Macchu Picchu. “There’s awesome whitewater too,” says Bio Bio Expeditions’ Marc Goddard (, “continuous Class IV, plus some Class V that we generally walk around.” From June through November, the 11-day trips ($3000) begin with a 4WD ride from the city of Arequipa, climb a 15,500-foot pass, and end in the village of Cotahuasi—“a happy little place in the middle of nowhere,” as Goddard puts it. From there a ten-mile, mule-assisted hike (around impassable 400-foot Sipia Falls) leads to six wild days on the river. The watercourse even runs by villages connected to the world by the same footpaths upon which Inca messengers once delivered fresh fish from the Pacific to their rulers in the mountains. Bio Bio doesn’t provide fresh fish or luxury camping, but you’ll enjoy comfortable sites on riverside beaches, good food, and a heady sense of discovery—-and the memory of fellowship.

Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards Issue – Getting there first (08/19/07)

Jeff Wise quotes Richard Bangs, famous for various first descents and especially for starting commercial rafting on the Zambezi river. “Usually there are a lot of unknowns, and anxiety and tension on a first descent. It’s all about celebrating chaos.” page 138, Aug. Issue Travel and Leisure MagazineJ



Wendy Damonte, head News Anchor for KTVN channel 2 Reno, hikes the Inca trail with Bio Bio Expeditions.


Moonshine Ink June 2011

A River Runs Through It… and Keeps on Running. Interview with Marc Goddard and about the record snow pack in California 2011 and how it will effect river operations locally.