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Bula! In the heart of the South Pacific, beneath starry Southern skies, lie the islands of Fiji. A collection of nearly 300 islands, Fiji is truly a paradise.

Take a break from life’s hustle and bustle.

As you end your boat journey across Pacific Harbor and near the island shoreline of the resort, the sound of Fijians singing a traditional welcome song will be the first sign you have arrived in paradise. A warm smile and a floral lei greet you when you step onto the sand of this enchanting island resort, where even the palm trees seem to sway to the music in the warm sea breeze.

Explore the South Pacific with Bio Bio Expeditions and enjoy diving, snorkeling, community visits, kayaking, massage – all at a resort that is quintessential Fijian. You will be soothed by the ocean and treated as family with warm Fiji hospitality.

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