Stan Ricketts

Stanford Ricketts is one of Bio Bio’s most prolific, experienced river guides. For the past 25 years Stan has been guiding all over the world and we have been lucky to have him on our team for over 8 years. As you’ll see, Stan’s bio demonstrates that he is a true adventurer and incredibly experienced guide.
Stan’s first river experience was as a kid on his father’s farm in the Cape Region of South Africa. Looking for adventure during school holidays, he and a buddy got hold of two antique canoes and paddled 100 km from the farm on a small river down to the ocean. It was in full flood and the journey took 3 days. They were lucky to survive! They had absolutely no river experience, but the bug bit hard and they were as happy as could be, even if a little hungry. In 1989 Stan had the opportunity to train up for a position to guide canoe trips on the Orange River. After just one training trip they must have realized his potential and bumped him up to “trip leader”. This was the auspicious beginning of more than 25 years of guiding rivers around the world. In the world of outdoor adventure Stan has worked as a canoe guide, camp manager, paddle captain, gear boat expedition oarsman, video and photo kayaker, safety kayaker and cayoneering guide in Switzerland. He also served on the editing staff of the acclaimed international magazine “Kayak Sessions”. Stan has led trips in New Zealand, Nepal, Zimbabwe and Zambia, Turkey, India, Uganda, Ethiopia, Switzerland, Scotland, Namibia, the Grand Canyon, and his beloved Futaleufu in Chile where he recently bought land (although Cape Town will always be his true home). Stan is a multi-talented, incredibly wise guide who brings a variety of off-river talents as well: fly fishing, poi spinning, curry cooking….a real Renaissance man! When not “off the map” Stan loves spending every moment with his adorable son Charles. In his words: “Becoming a father is something I have embraced whole heartedly and the unconditional love that comes with nurturing a gorgeous little red headed baby has made me feel more complete and happier than ever. I’m really looking forward to the next 20 yrs of guiding………”

You may meet Stan on pretty much any trip we offer!

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