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Award Winning Videographers Produce Videos for Bio Bio Expeditions

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Bryan Smith of Pacific Horizons production company has created a short
promo video for our website of rafting the Apurimac – Bryan is a well
know videographer and Banff film festival finalist. Enjoy a high
definition trip down the Apurimac!.

Click here to view video.

Alex Nicks, who is also a Banff film festival finalists, produced our video for Kilimanjaro.

We hope you will enjoy the videos!

Bio Bio Expeditions is included as one of the “Best outfitters on the Planet”

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National Geographic Adventure Magazine – “Best Outfitters on Earth” (10/22/07)

assistance from the Adventure Travel Council, Adventures in Travel
Expo, the adventure travel trade Association, and other travel and
tourism organizations, National Geographic Adventure magazine chose the
“Best Outfitters on Earth” and Bio Bio is included as one of them – For
more information please see the November 2007 issue of National
Geographic Adventure Magazine. Or click on www.ngadventures.com/rankings

More press for Bio Bio Expeditions – First Descent in Bhutan!

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Travel and Leisure Magazine August 2007

Travel Leisure August 2007 “worlds best awards – Hotels, Cruises, Airlines, Cities, Islands.

a feature article called “Getting there first” Some travel for fun,
some to feed the soul. Others are in it for the immortality.

Wise quotes Richard Bangs, famous for various first decscents and
especially for starting commercial rafting on the Zambezi river.
“Usually there are a lot of unknowns, and anxiety and tension on a first
descent. It’s all about celebrating chaos.” page 138,

Bio Bio Expeditions is mentioned for their upcoming November 2009 first descent of the Drangme, chhu river in Bhutan.

Call 1-800-246-7238 for more details.

Body and Soul Magazine

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Whole Living Body + Soul
March 2007
Pg. 101

A River Runs Through It

at BIO BIO EXPEDITION’s 10-day Patagonia retreat is all about going
with the flow. Hovering 50 feet above Chile’s Futaleufu River, the
open-air yoga platform at this adventure base camp offers spectacular
views of turquoise rapids backed by glaciated peaks. Twice-daily hatha
flow classes prep you for the next day’s rafting of fly-fishing trip,
while savasanas allow time for listening to the river rush by and
feeling the subequatorial sun on your face.

From Zambezi to the Futaleufu with Love!

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Greetings from the amazing south of
Chile! The Futaleufu is big and wild and the BBX camp looks better than
ever. The summer light pours into the windows of the pagoda where you
can sit with a book and watch the turquoise river flow by. The new
bathrooms with hot showers are five-star! Each platform now has a huge
African-style safari tent complete with beds, down comforters, and
Peruvian rugs. Speaking of Africa – we are delighted to announce that we
sponsored one of our best native-Zambezi guides with a trip to Chile.
Lovemore Kalinda, who until a couple days ago had never been on an
airplane, flew from South Africa to Bariloche, Argentina and had his
first kayak descent of the Futaleufu today. He is an excellent kayaker
and river guide, but this is the first river he has run besides the
mighty Zambezi. We are very happy to be able to provide this opportunity
to Lovemore and he will spend the next two months here on the Futa
kayaking, rafting, and working. Meanwhile, Sabine and Quinn (Laurence
and Marc’s offspring) are enjoying “playdates” Patagonia style. We
celebrated Quinn’s 1rst birthday on January 16th with lots of local
kids, a BBQ of hot dogs and hamburgers, and live music by Ken Kruger. It
was a wonderful celebration and we are truly enjoying watching the
kiddies play and explore in this beautiful place.

If you haven’t experienced the magic of BBX on the Futaleufu yet, there
is still room on the Feb. 11th, Feb. 18th, and March 4th trips. Call
Diana in the home office at (800) 246-7238 and we’ll see you down

Love, Damara, Marc, Laurence

Multi-Sport Rafting and Cultural Tour of India

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Bio Bio Expeditions is happy to announce an amazing adventure into the heart of India!

  • Visit to the Taj Mahal
  • Rafting
    expedition on the Alaknanda, an upper section of the sacred river
    Ganges – perfect for first timers or experienced paddlers!
  • Cycling through remote villages
  • Visit to Corbett National Park, famous for its elephants, tigers, and macaques!
  • Riverside camping at our beautiful base camps – Leopard beach camp and Camp Tusker
  • The trip includes camping, luxury hotels, and beautiful riverside lodges.

    This trip is designed for the active traveler looking for a combination of adventure, expedition, fun and culture!

    November 5th – November 19th, 2007
    March 9th – November 22nd, 2008

    Call 1-800-246-7238 for more information or a detailed itinerary.

    Report from the Zambezi trip September 2006

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    Laurence and i were sitting above rapid number 5 on the Zambezi just
    last week and realized its been 17 years since we first guided on the
    Zambezi and here we are again dropping into the best rapids in the
    world. We thanked the Zambezi river god Nyami Nyami for all the safe
    passages,we peeled out of the eddy, and dropped into number 5 with huge
    smiles! We co-trip lead our September 16th Zambezi trip and lead 22
    people down the mighty Zambezi. The trip went off without a hitch and
    everyone had a great time.

    I realize there has been alot of bad news
    coming out of Zimbabwe but the country is still safe as ever, the people
    are some of the friendliest and most helpful in the world and this is
    still a great time to visit Zimbabwe. Tourism has dropped off because of
    all the bad economic news, but there is no resistance movement in
    Zimbabwe and the locals are depending more than ever on the tourist
    dollar.In fact this is even a better time to go because it is less
    crowded and you get more personal service. We have considered moving our
    base to Zambia on the other side of the river but for now everything is
    still a go in Zimbabwe! In many ways it is like returning home for us
    because we have made so many good friends and contacts in Zimbabwe.

    Bio Expeditions along with the help of a few clients brought over a
    handful of kayaks and all the necessary gear and started a free kayak
    school for any local that wants to learn to kayak. This will provide a
    fresh stream of new talented kayakers able to work and provide safety
    for future rafting expeditions.

    Our trips are planned for
    September 2007 and we hope that if you have ever dreamed of rafting and
    going on safari in Africa you will join us in 2007!

    Warmest regards,
    Marc Goddard

    Bio Bio Expeditions Zambezi Trip featured in Condé Nast Traveler website

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    Forget the dog days of August: The dry season hits southern Africa in
    September, when elephants, zebras, impalas, and baboons lumber down to
    the 1,650-mile Zambezi River for a drink of water. The best way to get a
    look at all that wild game? From the river itself. Sign on with the
    expert guides from Bio Bio Expeditions, whose Zambezi Explorer trip
    departs only in September. READ FULL ARTICLE>>

    Cotahuasi 2006

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    We are
    back from another great adventure in Peru. We ran another safe and fun
    trip thorugh the Cotahuasi canyon. Water levels were perfect as was the
    weather. A few of the rapids that we have portaged in years past became
    runnable due to a shift in some of the boulders. One of our guests Adam
    Dawson ran all of the rapids while others choose to walk around a few.
    We are looking forward to two trips in 2007. This was our 6th year
    running the Cotahuasi and each year we figure out how to run a smoother
    trip. We have big plans for 2007!

    Please click below for a few sample shots of the 2006 Cotahuasi trip.
    Thanks to everyone for making this a memorable trip.


    Marc Goddard