Jenner Fox

Jenner grew up in California amongst a raft guide community that likes nothing better than floating rivers and making music on their banks. His Dad, Peter Fox, is an international river guide who lead some of the first raft descents of the world; renowned Futaleufú (Chile) and Stikine (Canada) rivers. Peter is now writing a book called Learning to Row, a Love Story, and needless to say, Jenner learned to take a boat down a river and play guitar before his time tables.

Jenner started river guiding while studying cognitive science at Yale University, and since graduating has worked on rivers in California, Oregon, British Columbia, Bhutan, and Chile.

These days Jenner lives in Bend, OR and splits his time between rivers and touring the states performing original folk music. He has four studio albums, plays festivals, and makes music that one Bio Bio guest wrote, “made me like me more and want to find the heart of it when I am not.” (More info at

At Bio Bio’s Futaleufú camp Jenner can be found staring at the turquoise water, whooping down the river, teaching and playing music in morning yoga sessions, eating nectarines, and basking in the buena onda!

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