Piero Vellutino

The youngest of Peru’s famous “Vellutino Brothers”. Piero grew up in a family of whitewater boaters. Raised in Arequipa, southern Peru. Piero has logged first descents of rivers all over his country. He has worked on the Zambezi in Africa and the Futaleufu in Chile.

Along with our Argentinean guide, Diego, Piero traveled overland from Italy to Nepal, paddling as many rivers as possible along the way. He is a certified swiftwater rescue technician and instructor teaching swiftwater rescue techniques to river runners and firemen around the world. He is one of the best kayakers to come out of Peru. Always smiling, Piero is a superb bartender at our sunset bar in with his awesome, handmade “Pisco Sour”.

With a combination of superhuman strength and keen instinct, Piero instills confidence in every crew. Rugged expeditions are where Piero feels right at home, making him the star of our Cotahuasi trips. Piero and his wife Patti run all of our Peru trips and are doing an amazing job creating 5 star experiences for our Peru guests. They offer the finest, most well organized trips in Peru with incredible personal touches! When he’s not guiding, teaching swiftwater rescue, organizing expeditions or safety kayaking, he is wrestling with his three sons Lorenzo, Lucio, and Nahuel.

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