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Patagonia Multisport Adventure Hosted with Canoe & Kayak Magazine | March 11-19, 2019

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Your dream adventure in the heart of Patagonia awaits! Whitewater rafting the Futaleufú, hiking, horseback riding, fly-fishing, and more – the experience of a lifetime, indeed!

“The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Words never more true than when describing our multi-sport adventure in the wild paradise that is the majestic Río Futaleufú, or “big river” in Mapuche, in the heart of Patagonia in Chile. Nestled amidst the spectacular Andes Futaleufú is considered among the three best rivers for kayaking and rafting in the world and has become a mecca for extreme sports.

But, it isn’t just the remarkable rafting adventures that draw people to the wild, mint-blue waters of the Futaleufú. Not at all! Surrounded by mesmerizing beauty – lush green forest, walls of granite and towering, jagged peaks – there are incredible opportunities to soak it all in. Hike, bike, horseback ride, enjoy world-class fly fishing, or simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the majesty.


Horseback Riding Patagonia, Chile

Unparalleled action combined with blissful relaxation.

Our Patagonia Multisport Adventure Hosted with Canoe & Kayak Magazine allows you to enjoy it all and then some!

Action packed and leveraging all that this remarkable region has to offer, our Futaleufú adventure starts each day from our scenic and beautiful riverside camp, overlooking the turquoise blue Rio Futaleufú that cascades beneath Patagonia’s snowy peaks.

Revel in your own rustic yet luxurious “safari-style” tented bungalow nestled into the cliff overlooking turquoise waters, and enjoy the ultimate in R ’n R in your Chilean home-away-from-home.

Wake up to hot coffee or tea delivered to your door as you anticipate the adventures upon which you’ll embark that day – a customized combination of activities guided by some of the most accomplished and talented international outdoor guides.

Where the Futaleufú River offers up the ultimate in whitewater adventure, there is any number of other activities to choose from making the most of the captivating Patagonia outdoors. Enjoy inflatable kayaking on the aptly named Rio Azul, take a lesson whitewater kayaking, or fly fish (or spin) for Patagonia rainbow trout.

Opt to stay dry and take advantage of the variety of land-based activities such as horseback riding, hiking or trail running through pristine valleys, and mountain biking over ox-trails and single track.


Futaleufu River Basecamp

Want to stay a little closer to Base Camp? There’s still plenty to do! Relax in one of our two hot tubs on the river, feed your spirit in a daily yoga class, soothe your body and soul in the wood-fired sauna and, do your aching muscles a favor with a professional massage.

Nothing says luxury vacation like gourmet cuisine. Our professional chef will provide you with the superb and delicious nourishment you need to fuel your days. As the sun goes down, take in a little wine tasting at the sunset bar and dance the salsa beneath the Southern Cross!

Futaleufú is our signature adventure vacation. Winner of Outside Magazine‘s prestigious Active Travel Awards, and picked as one of the 50 best trips by National Geographic, this trip is where we discovered and developed the magical alchemy of adventure, rivers, culture, camaraderie, and the variety of unique touches that have come to represent who we are at Bio Bio Expeditions.

For details on this exceptional outdoor adventure, or to BOOK YOUR TRIP and join us, read more HERE.

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