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We’re Still Dreaming – and Talking – About Adventure Travel!

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Even as the pandemic continues, we look forward to adventure travel and a time when we can share the most remarkable destinations on earth once again.

Regardless of the future of this pandemic and COVID-19, we know we’ll be back in action, safely guiding small groups to the furthest reaches of our remarkable world.

While we know it’s not happening soon, we’re confident that international travel will, once again, be a favourite vacation activity for many, and that includes adventure travellers — whitewater rafting, trekking, and other Bio Bio activities.

Let us be clear… our team is taking COVID-19 very seriously: Bio Bio, our founders and staff, and our international partners are altering travel and doing all we can to work with the protocols and uncertainty — social distancing, mask-wearing, school delays, and the general confusion the pandemic has caused. We too are concerned about friends, families, work colleagues, and partners.

Despite the uncertainty, and as we appreciate all we have at THIS moment – gratitude is vital during such a time – we are keeping an eye on the future and how we’ll operate as travel makes its way back into the public consciousness.

We want to assure you that Bio Bio Adventures specializes in the safest and most secure adventure travel experiences anywhere. This will only be amplified in the months and years to come as we prepare to host groups of adventurers with an enhanced consciousness about public health.  Small groups, outdoors, breathing fresh air in nature — that is what we’ve always been. And the nature of our tours is well-suited to times such as these moving forward.

In relation to other tour experiences – tour buses, for instance – the Bio Bio experience is uniquely positioned to provide for the health and safety of our clientele throughout the journey.

Certainly, there’s a lot we don’t know, including what tomorrow brings. However, despite the current uncertainty, there is one thing we do know: this, too, shall pass.

So, we will still dream and talk – all the time!? – about adventure travel. Travel will return. After all, the sector supports one in ten jobs worldwide and generates 10.4 per cent of the global GDP. Talk about “too big to fail”!

So closely aligned are we with our international cohorts and partners, we know better than most the impact travel has on local communities and economies around the world. We see too, with every adventure no matter where we are, how travel helps bridge the divide; unite, and forge meaningful connections that transcend culture as well as the oceans and borders we have to cross.

We’ll keep dreaming and talking. It gives us hope… and it gives hope to anyone looking forward to the time when travelling freely can resume. Because it will happen.

For now, though, we continue to do what we know is right — for our clients, our partners, our staff, our family and friends and the global community with whom we’re sharing this surreal experience — by acting responsibly and taking seriously all the advisories, travel and otherwise, in place.

When we know it’s time, rest assured, we’ll be preparing the rafts, prepping logistics with our international partners, and stocking up our kitchens – no matter what corner of the world they may be – ready to provide the best in adventure travel yet again.

Providing you with the adventure vacation of a lifetime!

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