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Eco-travel: Responsible Adventure Travel to Help Preserve and Enhance Our Destinations

 Growing in popularity, eco-travel is the conscious choice – preserve the environment and support communities – for adventure travellers.

For ethical operators, responsible adventure travel and eco-travel have long been interlinked. From a strictly business perspective, it’s been vital for Bio Bio Expeditions’ adventures to take a sustainable approach to our adventures. We need to ensure the long-term conservation and protection of our destinations. We also need to nurture those regional partnerships that contribute so much to the quality of trips we provide.

Before the pandemic, sustainable eco-travel was growing rapidly. According to their 2019 Sustainable Travel Report, Booking.com found that almost 70 per cent of Canadian travellers were “more determined to make sustainable travel choices in 2019” than they were the year previous.

As much as 73 per cent of travellers worldwide intended to book at least one stay in a green or eco-friendly accommodation by the end of 2019. That’s four consecutive years of increase, from 62 per cent in 2016 to 65 per cent in 2017 and 68 per cent in 2018.

Among the findings, nearly 72 per cent of travellers believe that we need to begin making sustainable travel choices immediately. Echoing these statistics, a TripAdvisor survey indicated that nearly two-thirds of travellers worldwide intend to make more environmentally conscious choices in their future travel plans.

According to Jon Bruno, executive director of the International Ecotourism Society, “Sustainable travel is all about creating a positive effect on the communities you visit.” As he says, “Leave the place better than you found it.”

What exactly is eco-travel?

Simply put, eco-travel or eco-tourism means to travel responsibly. We’ve all visited destinations where the local environment has been exploited, even destroyed in some cases. Our favourite places are overrun with tourists who lack sensitivity to the health and welfare of the surroundings, including the local communities.

On the other hand, Eco-travel prioritizes the preservation and enhancement of the destination’s environment. It also considers the health and well-being of the local and regional communities of that destination. With a sustainable and responsible approach, eco-travel typically provides travellers with a much more organic and authentic experience. It offers a more direct connection – sometimes long-lasting! – with the local residents.

Some of the benefits of eco-travel include:

  • Protection and conservation of the surrounding environment
  • Help to preserve local culture as well as the biological diversity of the area
  • Contributes to the local and regional economies
  • Offers opportunities to locals and supports their communities
  • More authentic relationships with local people

Futaleufú – selected in the 2020 Sustainable Destinations Top 100

We know better than most that the Futaleufú is an exquisite paradise – a striking and glorious river considered among the world’s best for whitewater rafting and kayaking. It is often the first choice for adventure enthusiasts looking for the best in watersports and the range of unique natural and cultural experiences available.

With a deep understanding of the asset that is the Futaleufú, the vision for the surrounding region is to become a nationally and internationally recognized destination for immersive experiences both for its pristine natural gifts and culturally by 2030. The intent is to prioritize the value of its people and Patagonian heritage.

Futaleufú – a destination with a sustainable, eco-travel vision

Realizing the vision is a four-pronged approach:

  • Tourist Identity – identify and cultivate those elements that make the Futaleufú unique from other destinations in Chilean Patagonia.
  • Seasonality – develop experiences for tourists throughout the entire year.
  • Responsible Tourism – extend the guarantee that local communities will benefit, with protection for their cultural and natural heritage.
  • Tourist Awareness – foster a healthy relationship between tourists and the inhabitants of Futaleufú to promote the growth of a distinct citizen identity.

Explore the Futaleufú with us!

As you begin to consider future travel plans, we encourage you to explore Futaleufú – Patagonia, Chile, and Argentina – with us! 
Bio Bio comes with almost 20 years of experience running sustainable adventure eco-travel in Chile and Argentina, and we’re proud to offer the absolute best in vacation experiences to Patagonia and South America. Our relationship with the surrounding environment and the local people helps define our exceptional quality and ongoing commitment to sustainable adventure travel throughout the area.
 Bio Bio offers the best combination of activity packages – an exciting multi-sport experience you’ll never forget!
When you’re ready to travel, we want to help you plan the eco-travel, Patagonia and Futaleufú adventure of your dreams! Paddling, rafting, fishing, horseback riding, and more. From our incredible and authentic Futaleufu River Rafting Adventure to exploring the striking Torres Del Paine National Park in Patagonia. Hike Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina or jump into your waders for the ultimate flyfishing experience

Recharge and retreat on the banks of the Futaleufú! Don’t forget that your vacation will also include the best in relaxation, too! Our comfortable Adventure Safari-style camp on the banks of the azure Futaleufú River will be your new favourite home away from home!

Looking forward to eco-travel and adventure? CONTACT US for information about upcoming tours.

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