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Adventure Travel of a Lifetime: Multi-sport on the Futaleufu River!

If you are in search of adventure travel of a lifetime, Bio Bio Expeditions multi-sport on the Futaleufu River, world-class rafting & active adventure, brings the very best!

Deep in the heart of Patagonia, Chile, high adventure awaits! Come for the Class II-V whitewater but enjoy a variety of other activities on the Futaleufu River such as horseback riding, hiking, daily yoga classes, fly-fishing, and mountain biking!

And relaxation, too! Our deluxe riverside camp offers the best in luxurious winding down after active days – sunset bar, wine tasting, hot tub, massage, and so much more!

The ultimate in multi-sport adventure travel, the Bio Bio Expeditions Multi-sport on the Fu, is truly the dream vacation of a lifetime – wonderful memories in which to revel and share for years and years to come.

Bio Bio knows Chile!

The Bio Bio Expeditions team fell in love with Chile over two decades ago and we’ve been safely, expertly rafting the amazing Futaleufu River ever since.  We offer a marvelous combination of multi-sport activities for you to try and enjoy as part of this action-packed adventure travel vacation in southern Chile.

Based out of our unique, beautiful, and luxurious camp overlooking the turquoise blue waters of the river, our Futaleufu adventure offers the absolute best in Chile rafting and multi-sport fun on our signature adventure vacation.

Surging beneath Patagonia’s snow-capped peaks, the Futaleufu River is the remarkable place – along with this trip – that has come to represent who we are at Bio Bio Expeditions. It’s the adventure where we discovered and developed the magical alchemy of adventure, rivers and whitewater, culture, camaraderie, and unique, luxury details that make us one of the premier adventure and rafting guide businesses in the entire region.

Say ‘goodbye’ to the cold, dark North American winter in favour of a dream adventure in the heart of Patagonia!

You’ll know it the moment you arrive… as you set foot into our charming Futaleufu Adventure Base Camp overlooking the river, you’ll realize that you have stepped into your dream adventure vacation.  Our cozy camp will become your luxurious home-away-from-home for the duration of your stay in Chile.

Get comfortable in your own “safari-style” tented bungalow nestled into the cliff overlooking the azure waters, complete with warm down comforters and mattresses to rest adventure-weary bones.  Enjoy a hot cuppa – your choice, coffee or tea – delivered to your door each morning as you anticipate what adventures the day will bring on or around the Futaleufu.

Get an immediate sense of wild and scenic Patagonia! Our multi-sport vacation is characterized by a customized mix of fun and exciting activities guided by some of the most skilled, talented, and accomplished outdoor guides in the world.

Of course, fun on the rive includes whitewater rafting the renowned and incomparable Futaleufu River, where views of the snowy mountain peaks and jagged ridges are absolutely breathtaking. But, there’s also inflatable kayaking the Rio Azul, fly fishing (or spin) for Patagonia rainbow trout, or taking a lesson in whitewater kayaking.

Land-lubbers can horseback ride up a glorious, pristine side valley where the Rio Azul flows from glacial headwaters.  Hike to the 300 ft Cascada waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls you’ve ever seen. Want to explore on two wheels? Mountain bike a glorious combination of ox-trails and single track.

Wanting to stay closer to camp? There are activities and amenities around our deluxe Base Camp, too. Take in daily morning yoga classes with a river view; enjoy a hot, rejuvenating soak in one of two riverside hot tubs or detox in our wood-fired sauna; and unwind with a professional massage. Take a hot shower under the sky – so luxurious while camping in the remote wilderness of northern Patagonia!

Sample fine wines at the sunset bar and, at every meal, savour hearty, gourmet cuisine prepared by our professional chef – we gather together in the open-air kitchen and dining area, the “Galpon”, for a candlelight sit-down dinner featuring fresh, locally grown produce and fresh-baked bread. Did we mention salsa dancing under the Southern Cross? Or, perhaps, you’d just prefer to relax around the campfire with a cup of tea under the Patagonia stars.

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